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Find the Founder at the Roxy

by Kristopher Fraser Photographed by Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan
Thursday, January 19, 2017
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The stars were out at the Roxy last night, and although they came for a movie about the founder of McDonald’s, no one was asking if they wanted fries with that.

John Lee Hancock’s new film The Founder, tells the story of Ray Kroc, the man who turned McDonald’s into the billion dollar franchise it is today.

At the Roxy we had the film’s star, Michael Keaton, who played Kroc, the handsome and debonair Patrick Wilson, another star of the film, and B.J. Novak, who has come far from his days on The Office to star alongside Keaton.

The Broadway crowd was also in the house, with guests including songbird Laura Osnes and a leading musical man Brian D’Arcy James.

Representing the fashion crowd were Fern Mallis and Timo Weiland, and on behalf of the extra pretty people there were models Sophie Sumner and Davin DeLaunay. No rest for the well-dressed.

“The film opens Friday…not like there’s anything else going on that day that you’d want to take your mind off of,” Keaton joked, referring to tomorrow’s inauguration. Hard to imagine this laid-back jokester playing the slick talking salesmen, but that’s a testament to his acting abilities.

All the world’s a stage, and it was a night of players and drinkers.

Visit The Founder‘s website at thefounderfilm.com.


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