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Flower to the People: The Horticultural Society Plants a Killer Gala

by Ben Diamond Photographed by Jared Siskin/PMC
Tuesday, May 9, 2017
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On April 26, The Pierre hosted The Horticultural Society of New York’s 20th annual Flower Show Dinner Dance. It was a Wednesday night, but even though the weekend was still two agonizingly distant days away, the mood was hardly gloomy. The works of 24 different designers was displayed in room festooned with flowers in bloom, as guests enjoyed cocktails and wine courtesy of the great champagne producer Taittinger.  The evening’s special honoree was Kamie Lightburn, who received the Award of Excellence from the organization’s Vice Chair and Secretary Jared Goss. Lightburn is the chairman of The Horticultural Society, and is known for her intense devotion to the charity. After a video tribute, attendees put on their tap shoes and cut a rug as surprise guest dancers got everyone hoofing onto the dance floor. Thanks to its supporters donations, the Society was able to raise funds to further its mission of providing “education, horticultural therapy, job training, and urban greening.” Ultimately, the night proved Dorothy Parker wrong. In this instance, you can lead a horticulture and you can make her think!

Guests included Amory McAndrew, Anne Shearman, Audrey Gruss, Bill Smith, Bob and Suzanne Cochran, Cece Cord, Eleanor Kennedy, Elizabeth Belfer, Evelyn Tompkins, Frank Grande, Hartley DuPont, Pierre DuPont, Jack Lynch, Jean and Martin Shafiroff, John and Martha Glass, Kathy Prounis, Katie Tozer, Leonel Piraino, Leslie Heaney, Marina Killery, Mark Gilbertson, Mary Snow, Mary Van Pelt, Michel Witmer, Pitbull impersonator Mr. 786, Nina Griscom, Othon Prounis, Polly Onet, Rich Lightburn, Robyn Joseph, and Yaz Hernandez.


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