For The Record: POTUS Pals

by Michael Gross Photographed by PatrickMcMullan.com
Thursday, November 8, 2018

“Integrity? Integrity?  Who said anything about integrity? Someone should write their names down,” the manager of The Ramones, Danny Fields, once said to me in a totally unrelated context.  Similarly,  now that the midterm sturm und drang has subsided (and Jeff Sessions has left the building), it seems worth bearing witness to which figures from the meritocracy and plutocracy of New York (and beyond) spent election night at the White House (according to the Washington Post, Bloomberg and the New York Times) cheering on their president as the Republicans gained a few Senate seats, and lost control of the House of Representatives and six state houses.  Click through the gallery above to see who made the T-List.   


A-List fetes a list in Palm Beach

James and Lisa Cohen host AVENUE's A-List at an oceanfront cocktail;


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