Founders is the new “Black”

Monday, June 27, 2011

We’ve all heard of, and probably day dreamed about American Express’s exclusive “Black Card”. The one in the pockets of business magnates and celebrities all over the world? Well step aside because the brand new FoundersCard is the new black and it’s benefits are well worth the annual fees. Dubbed “the Amex card for start-ups” by Business Insider, this card offers its members special access to services from Equinox gyms to American Airlines to John Varvatos. Well they take care of your itinerary, accommodations and even your clothes, members can enjoy VIP access to networking events held throughout New York City year round, creating a truly exclusive circle of card holders.

Created by Eric Kuhn, the card which launched this past January is aimed directly at the entrepreneurs and innovators of the world. Meant to help fund the projects and ideas that often get pushed away due to financial woes, the most important service the FounderCard brings is access. So for all you big thinkers out there, stop thinking in black and gold and start thinking Founder.


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