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French Heritage Society Hosts Pre-Summer Solstice

by Josefina Garcia Photographed by Jean Shafiroff, Elizabeth Stribling, CeCe Black==French Heritage Society Pre-Summer Solstice Cocktails Hosted by Jean Shafiroff==Private Residence, NYC==June 8, 2015==©Patrick McMullan==Photo - Presley Ann/PatrickMcMullan.com====
Thursday, June 11, 2015

Philanthropists Jean and Martin Shafiroff brought some French flair to their Park Avenue home on June 8th when they hosted a pre-summer solstice cocktail event in honor of the French Heritage Society.

The event helped raise awareness for the Society’s work as well as its upcoming Gala, which will take place on November 18th. Many people involved in the Gala were invited, including Gala Chairs Jean Shafiroff and Cece Black, who gave a short talk, along with FHS Chairman of the Board Elizabeth F. Stribling, thanking guests and explaining the selection process for projects the organization supports.

The glamourous trio received questions from attendees; including Gala Chairs Deborah Royce, Ann Vann Ness, Ursula Lowerre, Kazie Metzger and Jean Doyen de Montaillou; and made a point to highlight the strong partnership the organization has helped build between France and America through ventures like the FHS funds scholarship program, which allows both countries’ architecture students study on each other’s shores.

The organization has been a major influence in preserving French historic monuments, buildings and gardens in both countries by contributing around 18 million dollars to over 500 restoration grants and has been recognized by many for its efforts, including the former French Minister of Culture.

The evening ended with a toast to the Shafiroffs, as guests raised their glass to thank them for hosting the event and for all their hard work and support for the French Historical Society.

Amongst the 100 invitees were:  Louisa Aklin, Edgar Batista, Tina Beriro, Lee Black, Laurie Bodor, Geoffrey Bradfield, Catherine Cahill, Lauren and Sean Carpenter, David Aaron Carpenter, Chele Chiavacci, Martin Cohen, Sharleen Cooper Cohen, Nancy Collins, Susan Cushing, Patricia Cossutta, Lynette Dallas, Alex Donner, Carol and John French, Chiu-Ti Jansen, Rolf Heitmeyer, Michael Kovner, Nicole Noonan and Steven Knobel, Ted Hartley, John Harvey, Peter Hoffman, Margo Langenberg, Liz McDermott, Suzanne Murphy, Marilyn Nelson, Barbara Ostrom, Robert Pearl, Michelle King Robson, Chuck Royce, Cole Rumbough, Jill Sands, Daisy and James Sinclair, Karen and Clay Tompkins, Isabelle Lefebvre-Vary, Frederico Wasserman and Barry Weintraub.


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