Fresh New Look for Poo~Pourri

Friday, June 26, 2015

With all the madness of the summer season- extravagant parties, weekends away, Hamptons house guests- being away from the privacy of your own bathroom can, quite frankly, stink.

But fear not: Poo~Pourri’s stylish new range makes it a pleasure to do your business regardless of where you happen to be.

Thanks to a packaging overhaul, the savior product now looks as good as it smells, and will fit in discreetly to even the trendiest of commodes. Visitors will be dying to try out the pretty little bottles adorning the guest bathroom.

So how does it work? Spritz the aromatherapy-based spray into the bowl before using the toilet, and say hello to a wonderfully fresh bathroom, as the natural ingredients keep the stink in and let a delightful aroma out.

There’s a whole range of scents to fit every ‘poo~sonality’. So whether you’re more ‘Poo La La’ or ‘Royal Flush’, don’t leave the house without a bottle of Poo~Pourri in your handbag.

Original and Lavander Vanilla fragrances available now at Ulta. For the full range, visit




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