Gant Preps for Tech

Friday, February 17, 2017

Would you like to ride a bike to your Wall Street office without worrying about ending up a sweaty mess. Because truly, your dress shirts and suiting pants don’t mix with a bike ride, especially during New York summers.

If you’re fine being a subway commuter, think about all those busy moments trying to rush to the train or to a meeting because the Q was delayed. There’s plenty of opportunity there to rumple a perfectly crisp look.

Gant seeks to solve all of that. The classic lifestyle label has launched Tech Prep, shirts made with innovative fabrics that keep wearers dry and cool, even when on the move. Each Tech Prep garment boats three innovative features: quick drying, made possible by a high-performing microfiber polyester that moves sweat away from the body to the fabric surface, where it evaporates, breathability as they are woven in a way that allows air and body heat to pass through the fabric, maintaining the customer’s body temperature and wicking, that absorbs humidity from the skin and transports it from the body to the outer surface.

Key pieces like the chambray shirt, check shirt, piqué jersey shirt and blue stripe shirt all feature Tech Prep technology. The collection is now available online and in stores.

Visit Gant’s website at



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