Gilbertson Gathers His Clan

by Michael Gross Photographed by Cutty McGill
Tuesday, October 30, 2018

When E.F. Hutton speaks….

No. Revise that.

When Mark Gilbertson summons his flock, people listen, or pay the consequences.  Several overheard conversations at the alternately anxious and charming host-with-the-most’s annual fall cocktail at the most famous private club on Park Avenue, concerned the wrath of Khan…

No. Revise that.

…concerned the wrath of Gilberston for any who decline, or worse, RSVP and then fail to show at an event organized by the Pride of Rumson, man-about-uptown, and well-known fundraiser for the Museum of the City of New York

They showed.  Scores of them.  We only have the bandwith to show a small fraction of them.  Reality TV performers, as always, need no exposure here as they get far too much of that already.  Suffice to say, by the end of the evening, even Gilbertson seemed relaxed, and well….well-socialized.

No. Revise that.  

Gilbertson seemed happy.  The clan had come and gone.  Which is likely enough to make him anxious again.  No. Revise that.  On to the next party.  


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