Golkonda Launches New Initiative for Conscious Crown Collection

Tuesday, October 18, 2016
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The jewels at the Golkonda showroom range from necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings; all created with ethical practices and handmade in New York. Stepping inside the space, you have to pass by a quartz throne, a number of amethyst crystals, singing bowls used for meditation and Australian wind instruments known as didgeridoos, before seeing the collection of jewelry displayed around the room.

The objects were sourced from around the world and serve not only as pieces of decor, but as elements used for meditation and wellness. According to Golkonda’s founder, Vinit Mehta, the best way to design is with a clear mind and positive energy. The brand, known for its diamonds, handpicks every stone for its rare quality and beauty. Recently, Golkonda released its latest initiative for their Conscious Crown Collection to support efforts to raise funds for the victims of Hurricane Matthew, which made landfall early this month, affecting Florida to Virginia and beyond. All proceeds will be donated to the American Red Cross from now through the holiday season.

Described as “a timeless symbol of union and solidarity,” Mehta co-created these pieces with upcoming Italian designer Silvia Paulon Moreno to bring social consciousness into the world. The offerings include bangles and rings in silver and 18K gold, ranging from $100 to $2,850. “We picked the American Red Cross as it is the most recognizable global institution for humanitarian aid,” said Mehta, who also collaborated with the organization last month in its first initiative to raise funds to help those struck by the earthquake in Amatrice, Italy. “Clearly, natural disasters need immediate response and the destruction caused by Hurricane Matthew is no exception.” The Conscious Crown Collection will be available throughout the year to raise funds for a variety of sustainable charities and humanitarian efforts.

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