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If You Guild It

by Missy Hargraves Photographed by Patrick McMullan/PMC
Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Host John Alexander added a bold splash of color and stole the show at The Guild Hall Summer Gala in East Hampton on August 9th. And that was no easy feat as his competition was none other than fellow presenter Alec Baldwin. The event celebrated artist Ellsworth Kelly and honored Judith Hope Twomey.

A cocktail reception took place at the museum in East Hampton where guests Eric Fischl, April Gornik, Susan Stroman, Toni Ross, Christina Cuomo and Vered previewed the Kelly exhibit followed by the gala at Sukey and Michael Novogratz’s horse farm.

Alexander had the audience of over 500 from the moment he took the stage. Calling it “The Rolling Box of Hatred,” the Texan extolled the joys of riding The Jitney, “where you can spend 4-6 hours with people who have one word in their vocabulary: ‘Shhhhh!’”

The artist also noted a cultural benefit of riding The Jitney: “You can stop in front of Guild Hall, get off the bus, come in, see the entire exhibition, and get back on because it will not have moved another 30 feet [in traffic]”

On a more serious note he told guests including Helen Lee Schifter, Michael Lynne, Nicole Miller and Kim Taipale, that Kelly was a “masterful artist who could create absolute brilliance, power, motion, sensitivity, and soul with a single line.” He added, “It’s very rare that an artist can do that.”

It was back to his funny shtick as he introduced Baldwin, who he suggested had skipped a dinner at The Rose Garden with Trump to attend the soiree. “I sometimes think there is more than one of Alec; that he has a body double, the way he moves around the area like an Amway salesman doing stuff for others.”

Party-goers Storey Schifter, Palmer Taipale, Kim Charleton, and Stephen Meringoff were kept a chuckle as Alexander suggested that since they are so involved in Guild Hall, Alec and Hilaria’s next born (and Hilaria promised there would be a fifth child) should be named Guild or Guilda Baldwin.

After dinner, revelers Katlean de Monchy, Tucker Marder, Zach Raffin and Christian Scheider, whose play, The Summit, is opening at GH this month, were treated to music by AndrewAndrew.


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