Guilty Pleasures: The Travel Secrets of Michael Bastian

by Michel Heredia Photographed by Michael Bastian
Tuesday, July 5, 2011
Michael Bastian

Michael Bastian, one of The AVENUEinsider’s favorite designers of all time,¬†was named the 2011 CFDA menswear designer of the year. In fall 2010 a new special collaboration was launched, GANT by Michael Bastian, which has expanded to offer womenswear for 2011. Here Bastian (who by the way once worked at AVENUE back in the day) reveals his travel secrets.

What’s your best travel experience?

MB: “My favorite thing is to check into a hotel that is so nice, I never have to leave…good room, good pool, good restaurant, etc. I love treating good hotels like a little escape in themselves.”

What’s your worst travel experience?

MB: “I just had that one going from the Canary Islands to Milan. My luggage was lost for 4 days and I had 4 days of important meetings, so that really sucked.”

Favorite little detail about a hotel?

MB: “I really appreciate hotels that are cool with late check-outs. I also really love a big luxurious bath, unlike the one in my tiny NYC apartment.”

What is your favorite way to travel?

MB: “I really like driving to a place. Since I live in New York and don’t own a car, driving is always a special treat.”

What’s your must-bring item?

MB: “My new Bose noise-cancelling earphones, an MB cashmere eye mask and a lot of back issues of The New Yorker.

What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?

MB: “Get to the airport at least 2 hours early for international flights and always plan extra time getting to the airport. It sounds obvious, but there is nothing worse than the stress that comes from being late for a flight and possibly not getting on.”

Favorite meal?

MB: “My favorite meals are always at this great restaurant in Stockholm called Matthias Dalghren: clean, modern Scandinavian in the most beautiful peaceful setting.”

Favorite buy?

MB: “For some reason, I always get lucky in the Hermes duty-free store in the Rome airport. They always have cool, interesting stuff there that I never see in the store.”

What would you stock your minibar with?

MB: “Smart water, Toblerone chocolate and Smart Food popcorn.”

Your top three list of places to visit next?

MB: “Brazil, Korea and Portugal.”

Ideal travel partner (alive or dead) and why?

“My ideal travel partner is my PR Director, Eugenia Gonzalez. We’ve travelled so much together that we’ve got it down. We’re a good team.”

Guilty splurge?

MB: “Anything I want from room service after getting back from a long day of work on the road. I know it’s expensive and there’s probably better food a block away, but having something brought right to your door is the best little treat when you travel a lot.

Sunset or sunrise?

MB: “Sunset. Definitely – with a drink in my hand, telling a funny story to some friends.”

Name a travel destination where you thought: I could stay here forever.

MB: “The Canary Islands. I just came back from there where we were shooting the GANT by MB spring ’12 ad campaign, and I didn’t want to leave.”




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