Guilty Pleasures: The Travel Secrets of Power Publicist Nadine Johnson

by Michel Heredia Photographed by Nadine Johnson
Tuesday, August 9, 2011
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Nadine Johnson

Nadine Johnson is the founder of one the best and chicest public relations companies on the planet. She is always behind the most memorable events from the Fendi show on the Great Wall of China to Larry Gagosian’s dinner in Moscow to the opening of The Boom Boom Room. Johnson’s Rolodex is a true who’s who of New York’s most fashionable names. Naturally, The AVENUEinsider wanted to know the jet-set Johnson’s travel tips and secrets.

What’s your best travel experience?

Nadine Johnson: “The small two seat plane in Africa from Nairobi to Lamu for Christmas and New Year’s Eve.”

What’s your worst travel experience?

Nadine Johnson: “Missing a plane connection from an obscure South American country while traveling with pre-teens.”

Favorite little detail about a hotel?

Nadine Johnson: “The welcome drinks at Cuixmala in Mexico and the smiles of their staff.”

What is your favorite way to travel?

Nadine Johnson: “First class.”

What’s your must-bring item?

Nadine Johnson: “A cashmere blanket from Hilditch & Key.”

What’s the best travel advice you’ve ever received?

Nadine Johnson: “Travel light and buy what you need locally. And drink water on the plane.”

Favorite meal?

Nadine Johnson: “Posada margherita pasta in Tulum.”

Favorite buy?

Nadine Johnson: “Venetian gondolier’s velvet shoes in Venice next to San Marco.”

What would you stock your minibar with?

Nadine Johnson: “Flat water, Haut Brion red wine and Diet Coke.

Your top three list of places to visit next?

Nadine Johnson: “The Ritz in Paris as I have never stayed there, anywhere in Trancoso, Brazil and Ras Haveli in India.”

Ideal travel partner (alive or dead) and why?

Nadine Johnson: “My son Jack – he is just the very best companion.”

Guilty splurge?

Nadine Johnson: “I always take an extra duffel bag as I am known to be keen on stimulating the local economy.”

Sunset or sunrise?

Nadine Johnson: “Yoga on sunset is divine.”

Name a travel destination where you thought: I could stay here forever.

Nadine Johnson: “Hacienda de San Antonio in Mexico and the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles.”


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