Happy Birthday, BLT Steak!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Last Monday I was lucky enough to snag a last-minute invite to BLT Steak’s 10th Anniversary.

Hosted by ESquared Hospitality, the extravagant gathering took place at the premiere steakhouse’s flagship location in midtown Manhattan, which closed its doors to the public for the night in honor of the occasion.

A bevy of urbane revelers including NY Times reporter Glenn Collins, author and trend journalist Alix Strauss, hospitality expert and entrepreneur Steven Kamali, and ESquared managing partner Jimmy Haber, mingled against an elegant, incandescent backdrop, as smooth jazz melodies performed by the JC Hopkins Biggish Quartet buoyed the party’s jubilant air.

I remained nestled in one of the restaurant’s plush suede booths for most of the evening, grateful for the troop of dapper waiters who made frequent rounds around the dining room, platters of decadent canapes in hand (my plus one and I simply couldn’t bring ourselves to turn down any of the stuffed mushroom caps, steak crostini, mini crab cakes, and truffled bites that came our way).

Once or twice, I emerged from my cozy nook to refill my plate with jumbo shrimp, lobster bits, and oysters on a half shell from the splendid tower of seafood, only to find the empty glass I had left behind fantastically filled once more (though I was perfectly content sipping wine all night, I do regret not ordering a specialty cocktail from the bar, and I wish I’d paid a visit to the steak carving station to  witness some serious knife skills).

Ultimately, the sumptuous soiree proved to be a relaxing, delectable affair — one that surely left the opulent bistro brimming with good cheer long after its guests had gone.

A very Happy Birthday BLT Steak, from your friends at AVENUE!

BLT Steak is located at 106 East 57th Street. 212.752.7470.


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