Heads Up, Water Mill: Schwarzman-Trump Protest Today

by Michael Gross Photographed by Paul Bruinooge/PMC
Friday, August 4, 2017
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Later today, progressive groups including the Center for Popular Democracy, Make the Road New York, New York Communities for Change and the Strong for All Economy Coalition will target Stephen Schwarzman, an economic advisor to Donald J. Trump, at his Hamptons home.

Describing Schwarzman as “one of Trump’s closest advisers, and a billionaire supporter of Trump’s tax reform plan, and Trump’s plan to privatize infrastructure,” and head of a firm, Blackstone, that “will reap massive profits from Trump’s economic agenda,” they say they plan to “emphasize how Trump’s tax and infrastructure plans will take a huge toll on communities of regular working people, and give special treatment – an EZ pass – to the wealthiest Americans like Schwarzman.”

They plan to set up Trump Toll Booths to highlight their contention that the administration’s (as yet unformed and unrealized) plans will “allow the wealthy to charge working people exorbitant fees for basic services.” In “Trumpland,” they say, “the rich take a toll on everyone else, and pay far less in taxes than regular working people.”

While the protest leaders have sent out a press release noting Schwarzman’s address, AVENUE will withhold it. They also spelled his first name incorrectly. The protest will begin at noon today.

Just what Water Mill needs on a Friday afternoon in August.


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