Heros and Art Lovers Gather at “Muse in the Mews” Party

Tuesday, April 25, 2017
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The Printing House evokes a certain old-school vibe that transports any jaded New Yorker back to the days of yore. On April 19th, more than 200 guests visited the iconic loft condominium for a preview cocktail reception toasting James Salomon’s contemporary art exhibition, “Muse in the Mews”, inspired by the space and its townhouse #1, to be specific. Built in 1910 as a printing house, and now an elegant place to crash (for $4,450,000 and up), the West Village locale consists of two townhouses, three maisonettes and a landscaped garden.

It was designed by architect Andrew Kotchen of Workshop APD to provide a shaded oasis within the urban landscape. Townhouse #1, where the celebration took place, was filled with art throughout its four stories. Known for curating exhibitions in unexpected spaces, Saloman teamed up with furniture store Maison Gerard for a showing of home and garden accessories at the Printing House’s roof terrace. “Muse in the Mews” is first up in a series of exhibits that combines residential real estate properties with dynamic, compelling and purposeful art. Participating artists, many of whom were in attendance, include Max Blagg, Brian Block, Meghan Boody, Nicole Cohen, Adrien De Bontin, Sally Egbert, Dylan Egon, Judith Hudson, Fitzhugh Karol, Trong Nguyen, and Richard Pasquarelli.

The evening also brought out a few unexpected (and helpful) guests: firefighters from the FDNY. The team came to the rescue for society photographer Patrick McMullan, who was reportedly stuck in an elevator for an hour. Free at last, McMullan snapped photos all through the remainder of the event and even posed alongside one of New York’s bravest in one shot. 


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