Isaia’s In-Crowd Dinner

Friday, April 15, 2011

“I always take pictures when I come uptown,” declared DJ and It Girl Becka Diamond to The AVENUEinsider at the dinner hosted by Euan Rellie and Jim Shay in the Isaia showroom on 57th street – replete with the Naples born brand’s well-fitted suits and an enormous terrace that left ciggie smoker’s in a puff of heaven. “I feel like a tourist above 14th Street,” Diamond added.

The well-suited (thanks to Isaia’s impeccable tailoring) crowd ate truffle ravioli when not sneaking out to the porch for tobacco breaks. Dapper Rellie is the perfect ambassador for Isaia. “I love Isaia’s attitude,” he told us. “You don’t need to be perfect; you can get it right without trying too hard.  There’s a subtle quality to the brand which means you don’t need to think too hard, or to talk too much about it.  It’s hard wearing and fits well.  Isaia is always luxurious but never precious.”

The crowd was also pretty luxurious. We slugged back a few cocktails with Joey Jalleo (king of The Boom Boom Room), Tim and Helen Lee Schifter, Kristian Laliberte, Tracy Taylor, Alexis Smith, writer Martin Marks, talented Dana Lorenz of Fenton Fallon, Doug Hand, Bonnie Morrison, Chris Schumacher and Kate Schelter (who are getting married in June), Damien Luaiye (who guards the tough to penetrate door at Rose Bar) and Patrick McMullan who was so in love with the evening that he plans to throw a summer dinner on Isaia’s balcony. We, of course, will be there too.


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