October 2010

INSIDE THE OCTOBER ISSUE… AMERICAN DREAMER New media queen Arianna Huffington talks about her new book on the declining middle class, how to save it and what’s coming up for The Huffington Post. Interview by Mika Brzezinski Photographs by Stephen Elledge Styled by Cricket Burns THE INFLUENCERS Meet the New Yorkers who are setting the tone, defining the styles and changing the conversation in a city that constantly reinvents itself. Illustrations by Matt Collins PEGGY SIEGAL IN VENICE Another glamorous film festival dispatch from the ├╝ber-publicist … and a missing Verdura ring. THE GIRL EFFECT Women and Island expert Isobel Coleman talks about how helping women in the Middle East helps U.S. foreign relations. Interview by Holly Peterson Photographs by Eric Striffler CHRONICLES Fall starts with a bang, a non-stop week. By Debbie Bancroft PYTs On the beach with Rachel Weisz, then back in the city at the Tribeca Grand Hotel. By Peter Davis OBJECTS OF DESIRE Men in black and animal prints. By Cricket Burns BOOKS TO LOOK AT Jamee Gregory wrote the book on how to throw a party, now out from Rizzoli. By E.F. Ulmann OLD NEW YORK Two McKim, Mead & White masterworks: the Brooklyn Museum and Low Library. By Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel WORD ACCORDING TO … TV show host Joy Behar on her love of mani-pedis and her spousal equivalent.