May 2011

INSIDE THE MAY ISSUE… GALLERY GIRL Former model Nicola Vassell went from gallery intern to director before she was 30. Now charged with revamping The Pace Gallery, the edgy beauty is recruiting hot new artists to add to an impeccable collection of classics. For fashion-forward Vassell, it’s just another day in the life. Interview by Paul Laster Photographs by Juan Algarin Styled by Cricket Burns NEW YORK’S TOP 60 ART COLLECTORS The owners behind New York’s best art collections reveal the pieces they’d never part with and future dream acquisitions. In a city where a love of the arts is in our DNA, these powerful taste-makers seek out both the best of the past and tomorrow’s brightest stars. By Lorinda Ash INSIDE THE ARTIST’S STUDIO With a new solo show opening this month, Richard Dupont’s art world status is cemented. Here, he discusses his work and the politics of being an artist and an heir.. By Kari Milchman Photographs by Sophie Elgort CHRONICLES Celebrating moms, milestones and Mario (Buatta, of course—who else?) with family and close friends. By Debbie Bancroft PYTs A fashionable flock of New Yorkers toast documentarian Jamie Johnson and his fashion debut: Black Sweater. By Luigi Tadini CRICKET’S CRUSH One girl’s love affair with the Gagosian Shop’s many artsy offerings. By Cricket Burns AVENEW Bettina Prentice on work, home and standing out on the Avenue. Photograph by Sophie Elgort