April 2012


AVENUEinsiderMARIA, FULL OF GRACE Maria Cuomo Cole, First Sister and wife to social entrepreneur and designer Kenneth Cole, is the living embodiment of the philanthropic and public-spirited legacy of her prominent family. Now, she is saving the world one award-winning documentary at a time .
By Cristina Cuomo
Photographs by Brian Doben

Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards with Peggy Siegal, who gets the scoop on Woody Allen, Uggie and the pet wars, Meryl v. Viola, George v. the French version of George, Iran v. Israel, and so much more.
By Peggy Siegal
Photographs by Patrick McMullan
and Billy Farrell Agency

Greta Gerwig is poised to be the defining actress of her generation, with leading roles in new films by two of New York’s most beloved filmmakers.
By Mara Siegler

An up-close look at the Oscar-worthy gems and jewels that made stars like Cameron, Gwyneth and Meryl sparkle at the movie business’s most glittering night.
By Mara Siegler

The stars of Manhattan luxury real estate appear in AVENUE’s take on the Academy-Award-winning French silent film.
Photographed by Sophie Elgort

CHRONICLES Celebrating Valentine’s Day and some of our favorite artists.
By Debbie Bancroft

BRIGHT LIGHTS, BIG PARTY Fashion Week gets a rocking soundtrack with a performance by British band The Kills and Axl Rose proves he’s still in his prime at Hiro.
By Carson Griffith

OBJECTS OF DESIRE New must-haves from Valentino, Chanel, David Yurman and more.
By Amy Michelle Smith

FIRST PERSON Decrying this year’s Oscar nominee, The Help. A look at Hollywood’s depiction of African Americans and its refusal to evolve.
By Susan Fales-Hill

SCANDAL SHEET Leo Tolstoy’s tortured marriage and the escape that led to his death.
By Mara Siegler

WORLD ACCORDING TO . . . Comedian and actress Rachel Dratch flexes her comedy muscle whether braving the subway, being confused in Duane Reade or encountering a naked homeless man in her front yard. Yes, really.

ON THE AVENUE The best parties of the month.

ARTS CALENDAR Expanded listings of what’s on view at auction houses, galleries and museums.