AVENUE February 2015


PALM BEACH A-LIST Whom you should know now in Palm Beach. MADE IN PALM BEACH Bridget and Bill Koch talk to us about their lives, their famous art and wine collections and the amazing new school they have in Palm Beach. By Andrea Doyle, Photographed by Navid HISTORY OF THE COCONUTS AVENUE delves into the world of the uber-prestigious and exclusive Coconuts Ball in Palm Beach. Held annually on New Year’s Eve, the ball has been around since the era of F. Scott Fitzgerald. By Christopher Lawrence YOGI READY Holly Weston shares her life  as a yogi in Palm Beach.  By Haley Friedlich, Photographed by Cynthia Conley VINTAGE READY A look back at Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. By Gregory Speck PALM BEACH ROUNDTABLE Palm Beach real estate experts convene. Moderated by Paola Iuspa FINANCIAL ROUNDTABLE Our experts weigh in on the investment climate and more. Moderated by Haley Friedlich CHRONICLES The most wonderful time of the year . . . for parties. By Debbie Bancroft OBJECTS OF DESIRE Palm Beach muses of two distinct styles. By Haley Friedlich TRENDSCAPE New Year, New You! By Mi Mi Chloe Park COCKTAIL ON THE AVENUE Our editor-in-chief shares a drink with noted American writer and author Lewis Lapham. By Daisy Prince UNREAL ESTATE Palm Beach properties worthy of an investment. By Michael Gross POSTCARDS FROM . . . Nick Papanicolaou shows us around the Greek island of Mykonos. Introduction by Haley Friedlich SOCIAL SAFARI Happening and openings in Gotham. By R. Couri Hay WORLD ACCORDING TO . . . Hilary Geary Ross knows Palm Beach like the back of her hand, and the ubiquitous society columnist shows us around her turf. Introduction by Mi Mi Chloe Park ON THE AVENUE Winter storms don’t detract partygoers, which means more cause to celebrate; don’t forget Art Basel! By Mi Mi Chloe Park ARTS CALENDAR Feast the senses on auctions, exhibitions and performances in New York and Palm Beach. By Mi Mi Chloe Park