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Jenna Lyons

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Creative Director and President of J.Crew has quickly become the go-to tastemaker for fashionable women. Her revitalization of the brand has drastically changed their target market–J.Crew hasn’t been the prep haven it once was for quite some time. In fact, Lyons hates the term ‘preppy.’ Her vision has led many to follow her trend advice, Jenna’s picks, on the J.Crew website has a cult-like following. Lyons lives in Brooklyn, with her husband and son Beckett–who was featured on the J. Crew website with a photo of Jenna painting his toes hot pink and Fox News, of course, picked up the story and spun it as a scandal. Lyons was also featured on an April 2010 episode of Oprah where she seemed genuinely excited about her day-to-day life.


A Tisch-ket a Tashket

Celebrating Lizzie Tisch and Ashley Longshore in Bridgehampton

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