Julie Macklowe launches vbeauté

Monday, November 14, 2011

Complaining about the TSA is practically a rite of passage these days, but its often over-zealous ways has spawned one of the beauty industry’s most inspired success stories.  Julie Macklowe, who ran a multi-million dollar hedge fund, became a mom, and was named Vogue‘s “It” Girl all before the age of 30, had long been searching for simple yet luxurious skincare products that fit into her on-the-go lifestyle. An act of fate finally made that happen. While traveling to France for a friend’s wedding in 2008, all of Macklowe’s cosmetics were confiscated by airport security. Unable to find any products in France that were compatible with her sensitive skin, she began her journey to re-invent serious skincare for the modern woman.

Her business acumen and social connections came in handy for the intensive research and extensive networking that was to follow. She found and partnered with the CRB Performance Lab of Geneva, Switzerland, whose top molecular scientists introduced Macklowe to the Swiss botanical stem-cells from the Alpine Rose plant. Known as one of the “Longevity Botanicals,” these stem-cells have developed breakthrough anti-aging abilities as they have adapted over centuries to harsh environmental conditions such as the cold, UV, and severe dryness in the High Alps.  Macklowe, an Aspen native, is an avid skier.

The Alpine Rose Botanical Technology (ABRT) reduces wrinkles, redness/irritation, and increases a complexion’s radiance. BioCellular Peptide (BCP) boosts collagen production and promotes cellular longevity. With these innovative age-altering ingredients, vbeauté was born – correcting past skin damage and protecting the skin of the future.  “V is your victory over time,” the brand promises.

Vbeauté already has a lengthy list of devotees who know a thing or two about luxurious beauty products. Last week, Macklowe opened up her Upper East Side home and co-hosted a tea and trunk show with Stephanie Winston Wolkoff and Eleanor Propp.  Friends, supporters, and top editors arrived en masse to her all white pied-a-tierre with enviable Central Park views, where they sipped champagne (or tea) and sampled mini-scones and grilled cheese sandwiches whilst feverishly searching for their credit cards to place their orders. Ten percent of all proceeds went towards The Food Allergy Initiative. The most popular purchase?  The “It Kit,” a sleek, oval, metallic structure that could double as a clutch, but inside contains a selection of five of her products in refillable, travel-size bottles.  AVENUEinsider’s containers are already about half-empty—luckily, vbeauté’s full size products launch at Bergdorf Goodman this week, so we won’t have to go without!



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