Julie Macklowe Celebrates the One Year Anniversary of vbeauté

by admin
Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Skincare enthusiasts and consumers alike gathered together at Bergdorf Goodman last week to honor Julie Macklowe‘s skincare line,  vbeauté, infusing their love of beauty with some shopping. And who could blame the crowd? Having healthy skin and a company dedicated to its preservation certainly calls for celebration. Macklowe mingled with friends at the celebration, along with members of the Bergdorf team, consumers and media who have embraced the brand.  The event drew over 75 guests including Cameron Silver, Emily Blavatnik, Debbie August, Stephanie Hirsch, Kara Kaplan Freedman, Lauren Roberts, Julia Flynn and Count Giovanni Lucchetti. Macklowe, a notable fashionista and a worthy recipient of “It Girl” status,  has wholeheartedly pursued her aspiration to redefine skincare for the modern woman. And, with the help of innovate skincare bio-technology and talented scientists working with her for the cause, her luxury cosmetics company is well on its way to achieving just that.

— written by Sara Penchina


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