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Kickin’ Up and Off at Ashgrove Farm

by Debbie Bancroft Photographed by Patrick McMullan/PMC
Friday, August 10, 2018

Anne Hearst McInerney and Jay McInerney kicked off the Alzheimer’s Association Rita Hayworth Gala with Princess Yasmin Aga Khan, the Gala’s founder, at their home in Water Mill on August 3rd. Yasmin founded the Gala 35 years ago to raise funds to combat the disease that took her beloved mother Rita Hayworth at 69.

With Anne at the helm, the Hearst Western influence inspired the dress code for the evening, described in the invitation as “prairie chic,” and for those feeling less creative, classic white. Bill Boggs sported a silver cows head necklace, gifted to him four decades ago by Ralph Lauren, who told Bill, “Someday you’ll need this.” Sure enough, after keeping it hidden away in a dresser drawer with bow ties and suspenders— “all the things girls don’t like,” —Bill decided to don the necklace, which emerged to make him the best-dressed fellow of the eve. Evidently, surfing instructor, master carpenter, and local heartthrob Chris Clarke didn’t need clothes to nab the attention of the other guests. As the bids in the silent auction flowed off the page for a private surf lesson (mostly by women who definitely don’t surf), he said, “They should’ve just auctioned off lunch with me; they would’ve made more money.” Immodest, perhaps, but on the money.

And while Alzheimer’s is certainly among the most tragic diseases, Yasmin expressed hope: “I am optimistic on the new findings on research and am thankful that through public awareness, people are no longer in denial. Each and every country is working to find the cause and cure. We have come a long way since my involvement in 1981 when my mother was finally diagnosed.”

Saluting her work were: Steering Committee members Margo Catsimatidis, Nurit Kahane, Louise Kornfeld and Somers Farkas and Gala Benefit Committee members Liliana Cavendish, Sharon Bush, Hilary Dick, Chele Chiavacci Farley and Andrea Stark, as well as Jay Snyder, Alina Cho, Judith Giuliani, Candace Bushnell, Ann and Keith Barish and Laurie Durning, all of whom will turn up on October 23 for the Blazing Trails-themed Gala itself.


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