Kipton Cronkite Re-Invents Himself, Again.

by AVENUE insider Photographed by Kipton Cronkite
Monday, August 29, 2011
Kipton Cronkite

Always nice and polite, The AVENUEinsider likes Kipton Cronkite despite the fact that he is often the subject of controversy. Page Six said he was falsely claiming to be the grandson of the late, great famous newsman Walter Leland Cronkite and last summer he married the much older real estate agent Laurence Kaiser,69, who he then divorced pretty soon after.

Cronkite started KiptonArt which strives to help emerging artists and now he is also doing real estate as a new agent for Warburg. But he is using the name “James K. Cronkite.” Oh well, New York is all about re-inventing yourself and a name change and a new career is nothing new in this town. Let’s not forget that Lady Gaga grew up in Manhattan as Stefani Germanatta.


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