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KT Wong Foundation Holds Brunch to Celebrate New Production of Handel’s Semele

Monday, March 2, 2015
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The KT Wong Foundation and Art of This Century hosted a brunch at Park Hyatt on March 1 to celebrate the upcoming performance of Handel’s Semele at the BAM. This new incarnation of the opera tells the story of the titular Greek myth Semele, whose attempt to trade sexual favors for divinity goes up in flames, in a new East-meets-West presentation that takes place during the Ming Dynasty. The opera is directed by Zhang Huan and produced by the KT Wong Foundation.

At the brunch many supporters, fans and people involved in the production gathered to celebrate the upcoming opening, including Lady Linda Wong Davies; Constance Breton; Cecilia Mortimor; Richard, Laetitia and Kinga Gariott de Cayeux; Juliette Longuet; Edward Pesch; Walter Brindell; Han Seng; Zhang Huan; Su Gie; Lynn Bredfeldt; Oliver Lloyd; John Berry; Marcia Levine; Edward Tyler Nahem; Suzanne Hayden; Erin Pasquet; Maya and Michael Fuchs; Amanda and Glenn Fuhrman; Alice Juddelson; and Adel Buzali.

Performances will run from March 4 to March 10. For more information go to:

30 Lafayette Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11217



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