La Maison du Chocolat introduces the wonders of winter

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Monday afternoon La Maison du Chocolat hosted their master chef Nicolas Cloiseau to introduce their holiday collection. Invited guests were able taste and preview the five pieces in this collection.

Cloiseau presented these five new creations with the wonders of winter:  citrus from Christmases past, fruits discovered anew, candied fruits, chocolate almond paste, and cacaos with spicy, delicate notes. It is a new look at France’s cherished holiday flavors.

The official names of the pieces are Spicy Cacao, Praliné Masquerade, Lemon Bergamot, Silky Almond and Clementine Square.

The centerpiece and focal point of La Maison du Chocolat’s holiday collection is the Tree of Wonder. It is completely constructed by hand and takes about three days to finish and it is entirely edible.

When beginning this collection, Cloiseau envisioned both grace and architecture. He envisioned a Tree of Wonder that stood out, that defied the limits of chocolate. Twenty-five rings create an elegant structure and also represent the 25 days of Christmas.

The fluid lines of the tree make a bold statement on art and gourmandise. The chocolate ornament is the epitome of finesse and stands out as a statement piece in the Tree of Wonder. It provides the lacework for such an intricate and delicate masterpiece.



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