Last Minute Gifts That Give Back From Action Against Hunger

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Shopping for a special last minute holiday present for a socially-conscious person who has everything? This festive season, try presenting them with a gift that keeps on giving. World leader in the fight against malnourishment, the humanitarian organization Action Against Hunger, has a number of unique virtual gifts that help bring clean water, nutritious food, and a sustainable future to children around the world. You and your gift recipient can help save the lives of severely malnourished children while helping communities become self-sufficient.

From a $20 Fuel-Efficient Stove that will feed an entire family to a $1,500 Health Center Renovation, their Virtual Gift Catalog is filled with gifts of every spending budget and will remind the giver and the receiver about the holidays’ true meaning—helping others.

Fuel Efficient Stove

No matter what your cultural background is, holidays are about families coming together at the dinner table. This year, celebrate by giving a gift that will make a difference for an entire household. For only $20 dollars and a click of your mouse, you can provide a fuel efficient stove that will give a whole family a lifetime of healthy cooked meals.

Fruit Tree and Vegetable Garden

While fresh fruit and produce are staples of a healthy diet for New Yorkers, many of the world’s cities don’t have access to either. Help Action Against Hunger plant a fruit tree, irrigate a vegetable garden, and train 25 women how to properly tend to both, and many villages will be blessed with fruit tree’s gifts during the rainy season and with nutritious vegetables throughout dry periods. It’s a gift that will keep on bearing fruit of kindness.

Emergency Hygiene Kit

Cheers to a world where every family has access to clean water. Poor sanitation conditions cause some of the biggest health risks all over the world. By purchasing a $25 dollar emergency hygiene kit you and your gift’s recipient can help prevent water related disease transmission and give the joy of clean water to a family in desperate need.

Dairy Goat

Send a virtual card to someone special that will give the pleasure of milk and cheese products to an underprivileged family. This donation will provide a family with a goat, whose dairy products, essential for families with children, will promote health and development. Contribute to another family’s children’s lives or perhaps help another family start a sustainable business opportunity. The honorable recipient of this gift will become a source of joy, change, and above all, hope for a whole family.

Cereal Bank

This holiday season, give someone a different kind of investment gift. A cereal bank is a storage system for crops. People deposit food there to prepare for the lean season and can take out loans on its value. Then during the lean season, they withdraw the stored food to eat it or even sell for a profit by selling it at a higher place than its original value. Thus by funding a cereal bank, you can ensure that multiple families have enough food to eat all year round making it the most high returns investment you’ll make this year.

Tractor Time

Jumpstart someone’s philanthropy passion by giving them this charitable gift. For most countries in need, it is the lack of proper tools that keep them from growth and development. This e-present will give a community access to a shared tractor and help grow an abundant crop. This gift of knowledge will unlock a community’s productivity and possibility. And this is what the season of miracles is all about.


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