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Lincoln Center holds the “Life Itself” premiere

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
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Monday night at the Walter Reade Theater at Lincoln center, New Yorkers turned out to celebrate the premiere of a long-awaited movie, Life Itself.   Steve James directed this biopic of legendary film critic and screenwriter, Roger Ebert’s life. In it, Ebert is played by Errol Morris.

Ebert and his longtime colleague and friend Gene Siskel were celebrated as America’s best and most decisive film critics. The two began their review system in 1967 in the Chicago Sun-Times. They were responsible for bringing up the thumbs up/thumbs down system and coining “Two thumbs up” for movies they recommended. Ebert died last year after battling cancer for 13 years.

After the screening, guests shuffled over to the Lincoln Ristorante at Lincoln Center to enjoy delicious foods and drinks. Some of the attendees were: Morgan Spurlock, Michael Stuhlbarg, Marlene Iglitzen, Terrance and Rachel Winter, James Brolin, Sandra Brant, Michael Ferro, Dennis Leary and many other.


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