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Live from St. Lucia

Wednesday, July 1, 2015
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Brett Heyman is a textbook tastemaker. She has a natural gift for aesthetics. Edie Parker, her line of vintage-inspired architectural acrylic handbags, took off among the fashionable set upon the company’s launch in 2010. Heyman has since added other materials and silhouettes, as well as a very popular bespoke feature where customers can spell out anything they want onto their clutches. Heyman, a New Yorker by way of L.A., also has a vintage clothing and accessories collection to envy, not to mention an art collection that tops that, and was previously the PR director for Gucci and a CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund finalist. So, when she says to go to St. Lucia, we say, “Okay!”

Beach-bound Brett
St. Lucia is one my favorite places for a beach vacation.

Under the radar
There were not really other New Yorkers during our stay. Because of the history of the island there are a lot of people who come from London and Paris. It was nice not knowing anyone but the friends with whom we traveled.

Sugar Beach to-do list
Scuba dive, snorkel, swim, eat lobster and drink beer. There is a beautiful reef ten feet off the beach, and even more diverse sea life if you go out in a boat. Hike the Pitons,  and take a boat ride to some of the neighboring towns for lunch.

Ultra accommodations 
We stayed at the Viceroy’s Sugar Beach hotel. It’s at once luxurious and authentic. It has the most beautiful topography of anyplace I’ve been in the Caribbean.

Finding inspiration 
Traveling to the Caribbean, I am most inspired by the sense of color. Houses dot the hillsides in shades of lavender, turquoise, yellow and mint green. It’s eye-popping and joyful.

Great big world
I believe in broadening your horizons for the sake of broadening horizons. It’s important to remember—and to teach your children—that it’s a big world

Words of wisdom
Always travel with Benadryl.

Souvenir for the memories
When my husband and I were first dating I went on a trip to Mexico with some girlfriends, and he asked me to bring him back the weirdest present I could find. So I gifted him with a miniature Mexican pink clock in the shape of a toilet. It has a prominent place in my daughter’s bedroom, and it makes me chuckle every time I see it.

What’s the Point?

Upstate, nature trumps social voyeurism. That’s the point.

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