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Longhouse Celebrates its Winter Benefit

Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Longhouse held its Winter Benefit on February 25th at Hearst Tower in New York City. The event gathered an exclusive group of supporters who were treated to a night of entertainment, conversation and dinner.

The night started at 6pm with a reception and private viewing of “Patrick McMullan’s Faces of Fashion” a Hearst exhibition. Patrick was, of course, there to describe the stories and inspiration behind his photographs and talked about his “skin, sexiness and shock” style.

The reception was followed at 7pm with a performance by famed composer and musician, Nico Muhly. Muhly’s compositions have premiered with the Chicago Symphony, New York Philarmonic and the Met.

Upper-level guests ended the night with a dinner at event Chair Alexandra Munroe and Robert Rosenkranz’s home at River House.

The event gathered a big group of supporters including Nico Muhly, Dianne Benson, Jack Larsen, Laurie Anderson, Mun Kong, Scott Kilgour, Matko Tomicic, Alexandra Munroe, Newell Turner, Ben Wyskida, Ayse Kenmore, Anne-Carolyn Bird, Sarah Duke, Washington Duke, Taylor van Deusen, Joan Kraisky, Barry Gordon, Elizabeth Levine, Mark Levine, Jerry Siegel, Beverly Siegel, Judy Harris, Carol Quint, Sylvia Mazzola, Michael Kel, Henry Cox, Jane Susskind, Francesca Beale, Carol Perlman, Danielle Seitz, Juliette Alexander, Theresa Catena, Alison Mazzola, Jakob Berlin, Sophie Berlin, Jenny Ljungberg, Toni Ross and Bastienne Schmidt.

Longhouse is Jack Larsen’s home in East Hampton, which he converted into an exhibition space. For more information go to:


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