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by Barbara Hodes and NYC Private Shopping Tour Photographed by Barbara Hodes for NYCPrivateShoppingTour
Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Luxury is in the eye of the beholder, informed by travels in time and taste.New York is home to a small and select group of stores dedicated to living in style. Each of the ones below offers a unique take on tasteful, curated living.

Y&R Agousti desk in their showroom in NYC.

R&Y Augousti was started 30 years ago. Ria, a Filipino, and Youri, a Greek, met in London, and began creating pieces inspired by all their journeys and their visual acumen. They soon moved to Paris, where they have a boutique, and now, they have opened a space in New York. The collectable pieces are modern vintage, earlier pieces that are often found at auction or through discerning dealers, making them a design investment.  The Augoustis’ daughter, Kifu, and her partner, Patrick Coard, have joined the family collective and are now producing collections that reflect their own visions. All the lines are mixed in this remarkable space.

Patrick Coard candles in th Kifu Paris NY showroom

Patrick Coard candles in th Kifu Paris NY showroom

When you are shopping in NYC find cultivated bar ware at the Kifu Paris NY Shwroom

R&Y and Kifu both make extravagant use of unconventional fabrics, exotic skins and shells in the furniture and home accessories. Patrick specializes in making singular candles that blend in with the family aesthetic. The larger pieces include tables, desks, chests screens, mirrors, chairs and coffee tables and more. You can purchase as is, or order them made-to-measure in many different shades and textures.

Shopping in NY for luxury game boards? Custom chess and other game boards at Y&R Aougusti showroom in NYC

Modern vintage designs by Kifu Paris and Y&R Augousti im NYC

There is also a large collection of playful and decorative accessories: barware, luxe chess and backgammon sets, trays, bowls, coasters, mysterious jewelry boxes, and many other boxes and jars. The vases are works of art, and the lamps are extravagant and mix vintage inspiration with a sculptural touch. Everything is handcrafted in small workshops in the Philippines.

Buy custom tables and vases made from shagreen at Augousti in NYC

Lamps, bowls and a coffe table designed by Kifu Paris and Y&R Augousti in the NY showroom

R&Y Agousti, Kifu Paris and Patrick Coard Paris are available by appointment at Kifu Paris 200 Lexington Avenue, suite 410.  Please contact .

Vintage Chinese theatrical costumes at Creel and Gow on E 70 St nyc

Walking into Creel and Gow on East 70th Street is a singular New York experience. Located on the ground floor of a grand townhouse, the shop can overwhelm the senses.

Antiques and newly made objects sit side by side in a mad phantasmagoria.

Find amazing objects, taxidermy and furniture at Creel and Gow in NYC

Crystal scale and hammer hand made in USA for Creel and Gow in NYC

Taxidermy Turkey and Duck and bowls at Creel and Gow in NYC

Paris-based Jamie Creel and his partner Christopher Gow, a former Sotheby’s expert, must have a lot of fun travelling the world to find the pieces that inhabit their cabinet of curiosities. You will find rare curios, natural specimens, curated handicrafts, antiques and attitude. Do you love traditional Chinese theatrical pieces, or fancy some statement taxidermy? It’s here. Do you need a scale made of delicate glass to weigh your thoughts, or a hammer that is meant to be seen, but not used? Animals carved in semi-precious stones, repurposed nautical life, mounted pyrite or obelisks? The unique items flow in and out of the store, but rest assured the owners are finding more new and unique treats every day.

Beautiful silver covered shells and starfish at Creel and Gow on E 70 St NYC

Silvered vegetables and hand carved stone bowls at Creel and Gow in NYC

Shells are treated to a glamourous makeover with silver touches, while starfish and urchins, among other species, are silver coated. Natural forms are often the best design, and when you see silvered vegetables you’ll begin to understand. The multicolor carved transparent stone bowls are subtle and made for many uses. .

Wonderful objects and furniture at Creel and Gow in NYC

Chinese figures and a Chinese cricket cage with a parakeet at Creel and Gow in NYC

Tucked into specially constructed cases all over the store are tusks, minerals, vases and bowls decorated with creatures of the sea, globes, and actual creatures of the sea. Should you love birds, but travel too much to care for one, the oriental cage with its own wooden cricket and small, faux feathered friend will do the trick. Visit soon, or any of it could be gone.

Creel and Gow    131 East 70th Street   Monday-Friday or by appointment.


Mid Century modern table accessories with Gummy Bears at Porter James in Greenpoint

There are many reasons to shop and dine in Greenpoint these days, but there are two shops that should be on your must-visit list, especially if mid-century speaks to you.

Mid Century modern leather chair and wooden server at Porter James Greenpoint

Chrome and leather mid century chair and chrome lamp at Porter James Greenpoint

Mid century Modern chair and home accessories at Porter James Greennpoint

Kyla Burney, a New Yorker by way of Texas, opened Porter James several years ago. The store is quirkily curated with unique vintage furniture paired with 20th century home accessories, as well as new and old textiles, and rugs and art. Beds, credenzas, tables, chests, sofas, leather and sculptural chairs and tables are part of the mix. The pieces come from auctions, estate sales, fun road trips, and longstanding relationships. Add in some lamps, mirrors, and lighting fixtures. The mix is sophisticated and clean. The shop has a decorator’s touch. Leather, chrome, wood and stone are part of the design vocabulary. The furniture is brought to life by the lifestyle accessories that fill the store.

Mid Century modern glasses and bar ware at Porter James in Greenpoint

Geometric planter and table accessories in the mid century modern style at Porter James in NYC

The collection of vintage table art is warm and welcoming. Cocktail carts and a large selection of unusual barware are made for entertaining in high style. Abstract planters, sensuous wooden bowls, and small sculptural pieces add to the allure.

A vignette at the Adaptations store in Greenpoint

Adaptations, located down the street, was Kyla’s first store. It is a funkier more boho cousin of Porter James. It too is mid-century, but with a lighter touch.

Mid century chest and wooden head at Adaptations in Greenpoint

A mid century chair and accessories at Adaptations in Greenpoint

Everything at Adaptations is arranged with the same deft hand as Porter James, but with a slightly different sensibility. Here the upholstered pieces can be vintage, or you can work with At Home by Adaptations to create new custom pieces with a vintage vibe. There are lamps, lights, mirrors, sculptures, paintings and glassware that garnish tables and chests. Vintage clothing rounds out the more playful mix.

Porter James   116 Franklin Street, Greenpoint N.Y.  Tuesday to Sunday

Adaptations   109 Franklin Street,  Greenpoint N.Y.

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