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Martha Stewart hosts private dinner in honor of Dom Perignon recent launch

Monday, July 21, 2014

Dom Perignon leads in decadent classics, and this summer the brand has re-released its 1998 vintage under a new name, P2. The new name is representative of the wine’s second plenitude. The P2-1998 marks the end of the Oenotheque range.

A wine of such esteem deserves the highest level of exclusivity, so what better way than by a private dinner party hosted by Martha Stewart. Stewart held the dinner party at her East Hampton residence.

Overcast skies didn’t stop guests from stomping the yard in their stilettos, glasses in hand. The main attraction was the tented dome, somewhat symbolic of a spaceship. It definitely had all the guests’ interest peaked.

Inside the dome, guests experienced an eclectic light show designed by artist Leo Kuelbs. The light show served as an introduction to dinner which was caviar and fragrant tajine, prepared by Stewart’s private chef Pierre Schaedelin.

This launch party welcomed many red carpet regulars including Sarah Jessica Parker, Rachel Zoe, Kelly Rutherford and Katie Couric. Also gracing the guest list was  power couple Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Roger Berman, Christopher Meloni and Matthew Broderick.

Photos by BFA.


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