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Meet Our Power Elite: Elizabeth Peabody

by Sarah Hysong Photographed by Patrick McMullan
Wednesday, October 25, 2017

AVENUE’s revamped Power Elite A-List features select New Yorkers who have made the city the epicenter of finance, arts, culture and entertainment. In keeping with our issue’s focus on women’s empowerment, throughout October we’ll profile standout females who have significantly contributed to various aspects of life in New York.

Elizabeth Peabody has dedicated her life to public service. Her long history of helping those suffering from mental health problems has earned her a spot on AVENUE’s 2017 Power A-List.

“I was very flattered.” Peabody said of when she heard about her spot. “I hope I can live up to this honor.”

We’re sure that won’t be a problem. On October 17, Peabody received the Casita Maria Gold Medal of Honor. “Each year the Casita Maria’s Gold medal of Honor is awarded to three individuals in recognition of their outstanding contributions to the world of arts, educations and philanthropy. Over the years since the first medals were presented, people from all over the globe have been honored,” Peabody said.

“Having visited Casita Maria and seeing the extraordinary work they do, I am truly honored they have chosen me as one of their honorees.”

Peabody serves as a board member of a number of organizations, and on top of the Casita Maria Fiesta there are a few events that she’s looking forward to. “I am on the board of Healthcare Chaplaincy Network and The Wholeness of Life Gala is always an inspiring evening. I am also on the Board of Maria Droste Counseling Services and each year we have an evening of Conversation. Last April Perri Peltz spoke with Liz Smith and Sheila Nevins.” Peabody explained.

Peabody holds helping others with high importance in her life, and her gravitation towards helping those with mental health problems relates to holding importance in one’s own mental health.

“I come from a tradition of public service, mental health is very important to the foundation of one’s life. I recognize that I am blessed and very fortunate. It is my duty and my hope to give back where possible. We are all human beings and connected.” People said.

“When you are able to help someone there is a ripple effects in helping a community and possible future generations.” Peabody continued. “It is both a gift and an honor to be closely involved in establishing a trusting connection with a person who so often is in crisis or in a difficult period in their life.”


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