Meet the New Voguette: Chloe Malle

Thursday, April 21, 2011
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Chloe Malle

We told ya’ so!

Last December, we told you to watch out for 25-year-old writer Chloe Malle who was on AVENUE’s “11 to watch in 2011” list. The daughter of French director Louis Malle and Candice Bergen has catapulted from a contributor at The New York Times Styles section and The New York Observer to over-seeing the front of the book and “Flash” section of Vogue. Malle is replacing social and style monde vet Alexandra Kotur, who vacated Vogue to become the Creative Director of Town & Country.

We predicted early on that the talented Malle was one to watch. Her first day at Vogue is April 28th. So all aspiring Vogueistas better buddy up to Miss. Malle as she will now help decide what girls-about-town are in – or (God forbid) out of fashion.

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