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Monday, July 3, 2017

Go gentle into the Hamptons this summer. Despite penny-dreadful reports of steamy “reality” soirees, $1,000 bottle service at clubs that are anything but “clubby” and overhyped “philanthropists,” the true Hamptons are anything but tasteless. Here are some fond memories: personal, creative, authentic, unphotographed and unpublicized that reflect why many of us go East. 

Robert Wilson

Theater Director and Visual Artist

It was in December 1973 when I stayed at Christophe de Menil’s house in Amagansett. I had gone there to prepare drawings and a model for the opera I was creating with Philip Glass, EINSTEIN ON THE BEACH. After lunch, I arrived and cleared space to work in the sitting room on the ground floor. At 5 p.m., I was just ready to begin as it was getting dark and said to Mrs. Monroe, the housekeeper, “Where are the lights in this room?” She said, “Mr. Wilson, there are no lights in this room. It’s for ROMANCE.”


Candace Bushnell


One of my favorite memories of the Hamptons is the summer of 1991. My friend, Laurie, rented a house and I took a share. We were both pretty much broke, but the Hamptons was different back then. We somehow were able to afford a house on Ocean Road—although, to be fair, it didn’t have air-conditioning or a proper kitchen, and my bedroom would now be considered too small for a half bath.

April Gornik


My favorite Hamptons memory is walking by some obscure North Haven beaches just after dawn and thinking, OMG! I live here! Total magic. If my committee members and I are successful in buying and rebuilding the Sag Harbor Cinema ( that will definitely be my new, favorite memory!

Jay McInerney


Marrying Anne in 2006 is my best Hamptons memory. We had a winter wedding with a very luxurious heated tent, built out from the back of the house and designed by Robert Couturier. We also had about 100 of our nearest and dearest on hand and were serenaded by Dan Aykroyd, who shipped in a blues band to back him up. It was a magical evening.


Tiffany Dubin

Art Advisor

Being 15, sneaking out past my curfew to drive from Southampton on my moped (with no working lights) and my best friend hanging off the back. We went to the Stephen Talkhouse to hear the Waitresses sing “I Know What Boys Like.”

Carolyn Maloney

U.S. Representative for New York’s 12th Congressional District

Walking on the beach at sunrise—that’s the most beautiful, quiet time. The world is waking up, the whole day is ahead of you and anything is possible…then the phone starts to ring.

Katie Lee

Chef and Author

I have so many happy memories in the Hamptons, but one night in particular stands out. I had a proper, old-school keg party with beer pong and a deejay. It was before people had cameras on their phones. People really let loose and danced in the yard late into the night. It was so much fun, and I’ll never forget it.


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