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Text on the Beach Take on EMP

by Toby & Larry Milstein Photographed by Sam Deitch/BFA.com
Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Fresh off being named the #1 restaurant in the world, Eleven Madison Park closed for summer renovations and set up shop in the Hamptons. EMP Summer House opened its doors on Friday for the first time. In the latest installment of Text on the Beach, Toby and Larry Milstein take you there…

You’ll have to tell me about what goes down in the Hamptons this weekend, staying in the city to celebrate #pride

Oh definitely! It’s a pretty quiet weekend out East compared to most, the big thing I’m looking forward to is the opening of the EMP Summer House

Text me when you’re there, sad to be missing this big opening

Breaking news, the drinks are gorgeous, just had a delicious specialty cocktail called Platinum Summer—an obvious nod to the Platinum card given the fact that Amex is sponsoring the pop-up. Would go as far to say that the mini s’mores are an “eleven” out of ten

How’s the restaurant look? What’s the scene like?

It’s pretty chill and laid back compared to wilder nights at Moby’s, which used to have the space. Hannah Bronfman, fresh from her honeymoon, is DJ’ing and Brendan Fallis just made a cameo at the DJ booth with her. I think I just spotted Vanessa Hudgens chilling on the couch with her possé. Warby Parker founder Neil Blumenthal and his wife are here. She’s sporting one of her silver metallic Rockets of Awesome jackets

Hannah Bronfman and Brendan Fallis

Vanessa Hudgens

Is that her new start-up? I guess the custom cocktails aren’t the only things doing branding tonight…


Any other notables?

Yeah, it’s pretty much the place to be tonight. Justin Butler, Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin, Brad Goreski, June Ambrose, Christina Tosi of Milk Bar and, of course, co-owners Daniel Humm and Will Guidara

Alec Baldwin, Hilaria Baldwin and Will Guidara

Daniel Humm

What are people saying? How are people liking the pop-up?

Everyone seems to be enjoying themselves…and the food station of lobster rolls, fried chicken and Humm Dogs. But it’s also definitely one of those evenings of people looking around to see who else is there and then sticking to their own crew

Yeah, and you would think that with a name like Summer House, it could be something like the next show on Bravo

We may be under one roof, but this is no “Real World,” just culinary excellence

Any action in the outdoor area?

Feels like Moby’s, they kept the famous high lifeguard stand and introduced two bocce courts-—going to play a round with friends

Bocce game, sounds like a pretty tame evening for the Hamptons

No one else is playing but us, but in all fairness who comes to EMP for backyard games?

Can’t wait to come back and check it out. Now just need to figure out how I can get a reservation…

Good luck with that 😉


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