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More Sun, Please

Monday, August 21, 2017

Summer liberates, whether you’re 6 or 60. Forbidden fruit (or chocolate), languorous rosé-filled afternoons and music that will forever be associated with that summer: these are memories in the making for some of our friends.

We asked them: What is your secret vice, favorite song, drink, movie and restaurant of summer? Also, what makes the season special, and things you love, hate and want to do before it’s over? Here’s what they said:


Jewelry Designer

Lisa Jackson

VICES: Whispering Angel, my blue-roofed home, Blue Haven, homemade Mediterranean lunch (Greek salad and grilled branzino), then floating in the Atlantic—nirvana!

SONG: Michael Kiwanuka’s “Cold Little Heart,” the theme song to Big Little Lies.

RESTAURANT: My Southampton canteen remains Sant Ambroeus. We dine alfresco in the alley with its pretty climbing roses and fab spaghetti alle vongole and a pear and banana sorbetto.

DRINK: Have you ever had a Painkiller at Navy Beach in Montauk? It’s the perfect summer buzz: fruity with a rum kick, plus you are sitting in this authentic, charming beach shed with an option to wade in the water (if you hear it calling).

LOVES: The color white when it comes to beaches, linen dresses, asparagus and white-gold LJ Cross jewelry!

SUMMER ISN’T COMPLETE WITHOUT… sailing with my friends. Bob Dylan had it right: “The answer, my friend, is blowin’ in the wind.”


Fashion Designer

Vera Wang

DRINK: Vodka martini from Cipriani.

SONG: Edith Piaf’s “La Vie en Rose.”

MOVIE: Bad Teacher.

RESTAURANTS: Le Stresa and Voltaire in Paris and Kappo Masa in New York.

LOVES: The light and the change in mood everywhere.

HATES: How short summer is.

BEFORE SUMMER IS OVER… I want to play golf at the Liberty and Atlantic clubs and my brother Ken’s course designed by Pete Dye at the Pound Ridge Golf Club.


Journalist and Author

Holly Peterson

VICE: Going to lunch in Amagansett and having fish and chips and two beers, all by myself on a Tuesday afternoon.

SONG: The really corny one by Justin Bieber that I dance to in my seat as I’m driving. Don’t know the name or words, but I love him way too much.

DRINK: Just an FYI, everyone: Aperol tastes like cough syrup! My favorite drink is rosé cava, a pink sparkling wine from Spain that is about $15 a bottle.

MOVIE: Summer of ’42.

RESTAURANT: Lulu Kitchen & Bar in Sag Harbor—all wood-fired, delicious food, low-key and cool.

LOVES: Biting into a tomato like a peach.

HATES: The line at the Golden Pear café.

LONGS TO: Host a beach dinner with a home-cooked meal on a hibachi.


Actress, Model and Author

Brooke Shields

ACTIVITIES: Tennis, paddleboarding and surfing.

LOVES: Local farm stands, afternoon cocktails, puzzles and games with friends and watching the sunset with family.

HATES: The drama of sunblock and hounding my fair-skinned daughters (still) to protect themselves and cover up.


Accessories Designer 

Eric Javits

VICE: A year-round addiction to chocolate—my favorite kind is Endangered Species, which is organic and sweetened with beet sugar.

SONGS: From the ’60s. Anything Motown and the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album are memorable and timeless.

DRINKS: A smoothie with ripe mango and fresh squeezed orange juice.

LOVES: Riding my bike or motorcycle to work, and swimming and dodging the ocean waves—I don’t mind if it’s cold because it’s burning fat cells!


Accessories Designer, Animal Rights Activist and Philanthropist 

Cornelia Guest

VICE: Staying out of the city!

SONGS: From the Gipsy Kings and Elton John.

DRINK: Rosé champagne with raspberries.

MOVIES: Sofia Coppola’s The Beguiled.

RESTAURANTS: The Stissing House in Pine Plains and Amsterdam in Rhinebeck.

LOVES: Staying at home.

VOWS TO: Get my sheds out in the fields painted before summer’s done.


Fashion Designer

Dennis Basso

VICE: Eating something fattening every time I walk in the kitchen. I think it’s an obligation.

SONG: “Summer” by Calvin Harris.

DRINK: Anything frozen.

MOVIE: The best one is still Moonlight.

RESTAURANTS: Le Bilboquet in Sag Harbor and Pierre’s in Bridgehampton.

LOVES: Easy days and long rosé-filled lunches by the pool with good friends and guests of guests who want to bring guests.

SIDE NOTE: Summer always reminds me of my youth and no homework. 


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