“Neo” Neoprene

Thursday, June 28, 2012

As a California transplant, this AVENUEinsider is all too well acquainted with the wetsuit and the blubbery material it originates from, neoprene. Not because I have ever surfed myself, oh no. A crippling fear of fish and a scrawny 5’2” frame do not mix well. However, driving down the Pacific Coast highway in Los Angeles, you pass by hundreds of gorgeous, muscular men (swoon) riding some serious waves swaddled in the most dreadfully boring wetsuits.

Yesterday, AVENUE took a trip to view Cynthia Rowley‘s Resort 2013 line, which completely revamped the concept of neoprene. Although every item was striking, we went absolutely gaga over her neoprene pieces. Rowley first introduced the unconventional material into her spring 2012 line with a series of fabulous patterned leggings. Taking it one step further, the Resort 2013 line features a wide variety of pieces in the fabric ranging from purses to shorts. She has managed to turn an extremely unflattering material (seriously, surfers have been mistaken for seals by sharks while wearing wet suits) into fashionable, everyday clothing. She even designed wet suits and rash guards, the traditional neoprene uses of neoprene, in elegant and electrifying patterns.

Mylar balloons served as the inspiration for the collection. Mesmerizing embellishments mirrored the image of the foil-like balloon, such as metallic sheens and neon accents. Rowley sprinkled a reoccurring bubble-themed design over many of the items in the collection. Even the shoes came alive with their 3D pops of colorful dots. We’re absolutely dying to get our hands on a pair of the neoprene leggings. Resort season, here we come!

All photos courtesy of Style.com.


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