Nick Graham Lands on Mars

by Kristopher Fraser Photographed by Janice Yim
Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Hello, folks! It’s your friendly childhood television personality, Bill Nye the Science Guy. Yes, the Bill Nye, sporting a jacquard blazer, was the MC for Nick Graham’s fall/winter 2017 runway presentation. The theme of this season’s collection is Life on Mars, exploring the idea that we can land on Mars by the year 2035, a notion inspired by former astronaut (and finale guest star) Buzz Aldrin.

“I’m a true admirer of Aldrin, not only what he achieved in the Apollo 11 mission, but also for his continuing enthusiasm to promote space travel, particularly to Mars. Besides ‘Mars is the new Black,’ and we want to be on trend,” Graham said.

The collection featured sharkskin suits, metallic rainwear and space-oriented formalwear like blazers with Mars embroidery, as well as wools and wool-blended tailored clothing and outerwear. The collection also showcased space-themed dress shirts, neckwear, scarves and accessories.

“Who would’ve ever thought that we would be actually discussing a manned trip to Mars in our lifetimes. The big question is what are we going to wear when we get there. I hope this collection solves that problem,” Graham said.

Graham does a unique combination of both the runway show and presentation style formats of Fashion Week.

Graham’s assembled cast of models included Brodie Scott, Nick Truelove, Jordan Paris, Kit Butlerr and Bertold Zahoran. Oh, but wait a minute. Who is that coming down the runway? The not-so-surprise guest who helped Graham close the show was none other than Aldrin.

Aldrin joined Graham and Nye center stage as the cameras went wild for the men’s wear designer, the engineer-turned-kids-TV-personality, and the second man to ever walk on the moon.

Are we ready for take off?


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