Nipping with Nicole Miller

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Bridgehampton Museum celebrated Prohibition and US Presidents last Saturday.

“There’s no Prohibition going on here,” joked Candace Bushnell at Nicole Miller’s “Designs For Democracy” pop-up shop, which opened along with the traveling Museum of Democracy (MOD)’s new exhibit here on June 2nd.

The “12 Steps” staircase display welcomed guests while Chateau de Brigue Hamptons Rose and two Sagaponacka vodkas (one potato and one wheat-both gluten free!) were poured. Special guest Miller personally presented her summer collection featuring colorfully festive fashions as well as swimsuits.

With Bushnell, who is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the debut of HBO’s Sex and the City, was her beau, Jim Coleman, along with Helen Schifter, Janna Bullock, and Jeanine Pepler. MOD co-founder Pamala Wright, along with her children Mackenzie and Austin, also hosted Nina Junot, Henry Sackler, Erriete Lenas, Brian Walton and Samantha Gannaway, John and Bonnie Thaler, Dominic and Patty Freud of Melu Jewelry, as well as Margarita Cittadini Leinfelder, Michael Milstein, and Meera Gandhi, the creator of The Giving Back Foundation.

With over 1.25 million objects from George Washington to the current president, MOD is the world’s largest collection of Presidential memorabilia. At ten years old Wright’s late husband, Jordan, started the collection, which includes unique items like a pair of thong underwear encouraging the vote for “Bill Richardson in ’08!” 

Let’s drink to that!


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