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Normal Chelsea flagship set to open Saturday

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Normal describes a daily work routine or the honking from those yellow and black taxi cabs or even the warm whoosh of air from the subway vents, but the last thing Normal describes is the earphones created by the Normal team.

The store’s mission is to treat each pair of ears as “the unique, waxy sound caves they are.” Because of this the brand’s team has designed a factory and a store in Chelsea, its flagship headquarters.

Normal earphones produce a premium sound unlike any other. 3D printers sculpt these tailor-made earphones that perfectly fit the ears of only the individual who ordered them. It’s exclusivity on a new level; no more lending your headphone to a friend. It’s crazy how beautiful of an oxymoron Normal headphones are.

At the flagship store customers can witness the Normal team at work, an atmosphere unlike most workplaces since they tirelessly sculpt customized earphones while guzzling coffee, arguing, celebrating birthdays and constantly thinking about earholes. They have fitters and greeters who are available on-site to assist listeners in ordering their earphones. Orders can also be placed through the free mobile app.

After placing their order, customers can choose to pick them up at the store or have them shipped free of charge. The prices is all-inclusive, $199. Located at 150 West 22nd Street, the store’s hours are 11 am-8 pm from Monday-Saturday and 12 pm-7 pm on Sundays. For questions one can contact the store at 212-600-4423.


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