Off the Cuff

Sunday, May 1, 2016

For the discerning man who desires to add a bit of wit and whimsy to a black tie affair, Trianon’s line of original cuff links provide the perfect complement. Designed by Anthony Hopenhajm, who is also the president and CEO of renowned jewelers Seaman Schepps, Trianon cuff links celebrate handcrafted traditions and the intrinsic beauty of natural materials.

“What really inspires us are the materials that we work with,” says Hopenhajm of his company’s cuff links, all of which are made with 18 karat gold. Like the Seaman Schepps lines, the cuff links are handmade in a studio on 46th Street between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, ensuring that all of the cuff links are original. Jewelers work with each individual stone, and they’re able to cut, treat and carve pieces in a way that can’t be done in mass production. “Because of the nature of each stone, every pair will look slightly different,” says Hopenhajm. “We find that alluring.” Trianon’s signature style is the shell cuff links, and care is taken to match each stone to its mate.

What makes Trianon unique, continues Hopenhajm, is that they don’t adapt their line to flash-in-the-pan, seasonal trends. In keeping with the tradition of the brand, Trianon creates classic pieces that will always be in style. And, “our cuff links are always made to be cuff links,” says Hopenhajm, noting that other cuff links are often originally created as earrings or other pieces of jewelry.

The handmade nature of the pieces allows Hopenhajm to create new lines that are different from what other jewelers are able to do, because they’re able to truly work with a stone to allow its natural beauty to shine. “Our newest group is the Canton collection,” says Hopenhajm. The hand-carved pieces come in jade, turquoise and lapis.

Trianon was founded by Hopenhajm and partner Jay Bauer in 1979. “We started to do jewelry that was different than the way people do jewelry,” says Hopenhajm. “There was a synergy between us and Seaman Schepps.” Trianon purchased Seaman Schepps in 1992, and the line of cuff links is sold at the Seaman Schepps Park Avenue location.

“The elegant finishing touch for a man is a cuffed shirt,” says Hopenhajm. And cuff links provide that extra flourish, whether you’re out for a charity gala or a night at Soho House.


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