Off The Wall

Thursday, April 7, 2016

April 7 marks the opening of acclaimed artist’s Michael Haggiag one man show at the Galleria Ca’d’Oro.

The three weeks running exhibit will be a New York follow up to his two highly successful exhibitions of his solo work in Italy in 2015 entitled CLOSE UP I and CLOSE UP II. This time around Haggiag’s tactile photographs will address the question of larger scale, working in a bigger gallery, while creating his composite work.

Haggiag is no stranger to adapting to new mediums, as he is studied and practices art, photography, film, and journalism at some points throughout his illustrious career. It is perhaps this multitude of experiences that led to his unique way of representation. His work is a study in conventional reality perception and the unexpected, the blurred lines between what is near and far, and the continuous struggle between representation and abstract.

His is the kind of work that lets the audiences see something ordinary from an extraordinary new point of view. To do so, Haggiag photographs every day objects in a way that challenges the viewer. His close ups of the objects reveal their inner energy that provokes the eye.

The new exhibit’s photographs have a painterly quality that appears like something straight out of Abstract Expressionism at times. “You could say my photos are abstract compositions but they all start from a point of mundane reality: a crack in a wall, the peeling of paint, the pattern of a stone pavement, a metal siding, the bark of a tree. It’s this reality that provides the touchstone for each image,” says Haggiag. He adds, “I like to depict the overlooked fabric of our surroundings. There’s a reality in there as objective and revealing as that of any other.”

The New York show at Galleria Ca’d’Oro contains a few of the images from his previous shows, but most of the exhibited photographs are new and on the large scale that his followers have not seen before from his work. Some images come from the places Haggiag is personally familiar with, such as London and Rome, while others are locations he is seeing for the first time like Costa Allegre in Mexico. Vibrantly intense and featuring textural feeling, the new images are just as much about seeing as they are about what is seen on them.

Catch “Close Encounters” exhibit at Galleria Ca’d’Oro April 7-26.


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