OMEGA Celebrates the New York Arrival of Solar Impulse

Monday, July 15, 2013
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Last Wednesday, Swiss watchmaker OMEGA celebrated the New York arrival of Solar Impulse, a solar powered plane aiming to be the first to fly around the world, with an intimate dinner hosted by the Swiss Consulate at Center 548.  Notables including Gillian Miniter, Bronson Van Wyck, Ashley Wilcox Platt, Elettra Wiedemann, and Michelle Smith mingled and dined with Swiss Ambassador Francois Barras and Solar Impulse pilots Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg.

The evening opened with cocktails, during which AVENUEinsider chatted with Borschberg about the Solar project, which he deemed “a learning and discovery experience.” Having already flown into JFK, the next goal is “to fly around the world within 2 years and to inspire the younger generation.” With the DC to JFK flight clocking in at over 18 hours, do the expert pilots have any tips for staying awake? “We’re so passionate about what we do, that we have no time to sleep.” Borschberg explained. “But when we do many flights over many days, we’ll do power naps of 20 minutes.”

But for now, at least, the pilots have a brief respite – both are staying in New York for the week before returning home to Switzerland.  They asked us for a few restaurant and nightlife tips, so be on the lookout for a dashing pair of pilots about town!


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