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Sunday, March 1, 2015

CLÉMENCE VON MUEFFLING has a heightened sense of the good life. As the founder and editor of lifestyle blog Beauty and Well Being—a curated guide to living healthy and feeling beautiful. Before that, she held positions at Clarins, Puig and Dior. She crossed over to the journalism side at Casas & Gente—a natural step in following her French Vogue beauty editor mother and grandmother. With her impressive background, we certainly trust her opinions on where to escape and what to do once you’re there. Here, von Mueffl ing takes us to her  family’s home in St. Tropez and truly shows us how to experience the French Riviera in style.

Home away from home

My favorite place to travel is the French Riviera, and more precisely the bay of St. Tropez. I have family roots there, so I love to go there for that reason, and it is also one of the most beautiful spots in the world. I am still in awe every morning that I wake up there during the summer: the wonderful soft light, the color of the Mediterranean Sea, the scent of pine trees and bougainvillea, the fresh markets with their marvelous fruits and vegetables. During the summer, four generations meet at our family house, with all of the ensuing fun and chaos.

A day in St. Tropez

Start early in the morning with the St. Tropez market (and by early I mean 8 or 9 a.m. latest). Have a croissant either at the famous Sénéquier Cafe or at the newer Dior restaurant, which has a lovely breakfast. If you want to go one of St. Tropez’s famous beaches for some fun, Bagatelle is the place to go. The service is impeccable, the food delicious, and you are always warmly welcomed by its two French owners. For more casual ambience I love the restaurant Les Graniers in a little cove next to St. Tropez. Take a yoga class with Emmanuelle Jeanne, who has the loveliest spot in the bay of Grimaud ( For shopping, I love Grimaud. There is a wonderful store there called By Matao, which has a great selection of gifts and

linens—everything can be personalized. Have dinner in St. Tropez at Le TIGrr at sunset to enjoy a breathtaking view.

Travel Mantras

Always prepare your outfits in advance. Find the one pair of shoes that goes with everything. For example, a pair of Jack Rogers’ new platform shoes will be perfect with any outfit, lunch or dinner. And to avoid jet lag, no alcohol the first 48 hours, and bring your food onto the plane.

Lasting positivity

More than inspiration, travel is when I recharge my batteries. Throughout the year I think about these special places, which ever fail to give me positive energy.

I can’t travel without

A pile of good books. Some work. A few beauty essentials: Clarins tinted SPF 40, Leonor Greyl Huile Secret de Beauté, a Mason Pearson hairbrush, Shiseido SPF blush, Kure Bazaar nail polish in Kelly color, Dermalogica microfoliant.

Leisure life

I love to walk in the streets of St. Tropez early in the morning and enjoy a croissant and tea. I will often bike to the market and come back home before the town gets crowded. I enjoy many

different sports. I swim every day in the sea and also do stand-up paddle, water-skiing, biking and yoga. And of course, sometimes at night I go out and have fun with friends!


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