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Onda Beauty Opens On Main Street

by Missy Hargraves Photographed by Séan Zanni
Monday, June 25, 2018

“If you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your body!” says co-founder Larissa Thomson, who along with Naomi Watts and Sarah Bryden-Brown launched Onda Beauty in Sag Harbor on June 23rd. Jason Weinberg also hosted the debut of the spa, which offers natural, non-toxic products.

Onda Beauty is the latest addition to the holistic spa experience available to Hamptonites.

“We met over Vegemite,” explained Australian native Bryden-Brown of how she first bonded with Thomson. Watts, who took the day off from shooting her latest flick, joined the team to open shop less than a year ago in Tribeca. Expanding to The East End “just seemed natural,” explained Bryden-Brown.

Watts says about skin care regimes, that it’s important to “change it up,” just as one would with exercise routines; to get the maximum benefits. “Our bodies change so too can the products we use.” However, “if something works, by all means keep it in the mix.”

Tutto il Giorno catered and owner Gaby Karan de Felice inaugurated the Main Street oasis along with guests Uma Thurman, Tracy Anderson, Alina Cho, Killer Bees directors Ben and Orson Cummings, Andrew Saffir and Daniel Benedict, Jihae and David Ford. The were joined by Malcolm Free, John Wattiker, Jenny Landy, Carter Burden, Celeste Drubner, Fern Mallis and Donna Karan, whose Urban Zen boutique provided the ambience in the garden.

Also served were Alta Neve Prosecco and Lord Jones’ hand-made small-batch pure CBD gumdrops, which besides having a pleasant tart flavor also, according to the bartender, “relieve stress and encourage a sense of well-being.”

“Definitely the coffee scrub!” The three founders (who all turned fifty this year and collectively have five children) unanimously chose the signature body scrub as one of their favorites amongst the more than seventy products offered at the spa.

Another must-have for the trio is Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum. Says Bryden-Brown, “It will change you!”


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