2012 Palm Beach A-List

Introduction by Renee Morrison

Conrad Black once said that while visiting Palm Beach in 1969, he saw a Rolls-Royce Sliver Cloud hit a Rolls-Royce Phantom V, which itself had been hit by another Rolls-Royce Phantom. “That,” Black would tell friends, “was the moment I knew I was where I belonged.” Home to an annual event hosting Ferraris from all over the country, on the great lawns of the magnificent Breaker’s Hotel, the residents of this dazzling island that is Palm Beach, make up the fabric of what money, success and power look like. Many people from the Forbes’ richest people in America list have set up residences amongst other multi-millionaire neighbors; where the rich collect private jets, yachts and play polo with ease and grace. Palm Beach, our loyal dowager, continues to charm the island with the habits and interests of the most demanding consumers who have created a redefined sense of royalty.

Donald Trump’s The Mar A Lago Club, formerly home to cereal heiress, Merriwether Post, hosts black-tie soirees with past guests including Andrea Boceli, Celine Dion and Elton John. The legendary artists announce their performances a month before ticket sales are accepted on a first come first serve basis to their members. The island is not inured to the presidential campaigning in fact due to the staggering wealth and commitment of the community all presidential hopefuls have had fundraisers. One two-hour cocktail party can easily raise $100,000 and change. The seasoned residents receive all the benefits of a more intimate setting with a future President.

As Palm Beachers make their way around the barrier reef island they will attend important charitable events from balls to galas, to fashion shows, luncheons, and the openings of galleries and stores. Luxury has made a brilliant return to the retail stage and their newly re-designed Worth Avenue, highlighted by the now famous Living Wall at Saks Fifth Avenue showcasing opulent jewelry cases and a smattering of salons for the clothing designers. Down the way, the Society of the Four Arts meets the islanders cultural needs in music, drama, literature and art for the resort community. One Palm Beacher, Bill Koch, a noted collector, is loaning an exciting exhibition of rarely seen objects from the American West. Palm Beach continues to elevate her intellectual lectures to local professional from Scripps and the National Arts Institute where the science of film production special effects attracts the likes of Steven  Spielberg.

In keeping with tradition, we at AVENUE invite our readers to join us in our recognition of AVENUE’s A-list for 2012. It was created to honor those who are truly on top of their game. And to you, dear reader, may your new year be filled with wonderful blessings both great and small.

Sonya Abrahamsen

Alex Acquavella

Donna Acquavella
Nick Acquavella
Travis Acquavella
William Acquavella
Catherine Adler
Frederick Adler
Jonathan Adler
Dr. Carolyn Agresti
Michael Ainslie
Joseph Allen
Maribel Alvarez
Charlotte Amar
Leon Amar
Jeff Amling
Katy Amling
Minot Amory
Victoria Amory
Bettina Anderson
Christina Anderson
Harry Loy Anderson
H. Loy Anderson Jr.
Inger Anderson
Christian Angle
Carl Apfel
Iris Barrel Apfel
Eugene Applebaum
Marcia Applebaum
Jessie Araskog
Rand Araskog
Gigi Arledge
Adrien Arpel
John Auerbach
Lian Azqueta
Norberto Azqueta
Norberto Azqueta Jr.
Robin Wheeler Azqueta

Mark Badgley
Asia Baker
Callie Baker
Kane Baker
Lavinia Baker
Mary Baker
Tori Baker
Roger Barnett
Sloan Barnett
Catherine Barrett
Graham Barrett
Robert Barrett III
Dennis Basso
Jeff Bateman
Joseph Bauer
Millie Bean
Arthur Becker
Byrdie Bell
Page Lee Hufty Bell
Ted Bell
Maura Benjamin
William Benjamin
Nellie Benoit
Albert Beriro
Carmen Beriro
Ellie Berlin
William Bernhard
Lori Bernstein
Michael Bernstein
Anthony Beyer
Vanessa Beyer
Margaret Billoti
Alan Bleznak
Kathy Bleznak
Georgina Bloomberg
Mayor Michael Bloomberg
Arianna Boardman
Cynthia Boardman
Dixon Boardman
Serena Boardman
Francesca Bodini
Benton Bohannon
Lars Bolander
Ginny Bond
Tantivy Bostwick
Thomas Bostwick
Harry Brant
Peter Brant
Peter Brant Jr.
Frances Briggs
Roger Briggs
Ambassador Nancy Brinker
Katy Brodsky
Lynn Brodsky
Katherine Bryan
Barbara Brylawski
Bud Brylawski
Mario Buatta
Virginia Burke
Donald Burns
Eileen Burns
Eric Bylin
Whitney Bylin

Richard Cahall
Catherine Cahill
Eliza Pulitzer Calhoun
Robert Calhoun
Denise LeFrak Calicchio
John Calicchio
Lee Calicchio
Jonathan Cameron-Hayes
Iris Cantor
Dr. Alexander Carden
Stephanie Carden
Mike Carney
John Castle
Marianne Castle
Meryl Cayne
David Chase
Rhoda Chase
Luce Churchill
Winston Churchill III
Alfred Clark
Jim Clark
Kristy Clark
Querube Clark
George Cloutier
Tiffany Cloutier
Helen Cluett
Harriet Cohen
James Cohen
Lisa Cohen
Phillip Cohen
Robert Cohen
Chase Coleman
Kim Coleman
Lindsey Coleman
Payson Coleman
Reed Coleman
Stephanie Ercklentz
Timothy Coleman
Adolphus Combiaso
Michael Cominotto
Cristina Condon
Mark Cook
Patricia Cook
Paula Cook
Alex Cooper
Dale Coudert
Howard Cox
Dr. Chauncey Crandall
Julie Cummings
Peter Cummings
Tony Cummings
Ellen Cunningham
Ashton Curtis
Merrill Hanley Curtis
Boykin Curry

Vic Damone
Amalia Dayan
Millie Dayton
Alexandra de Borchgrave
Arnaud de Borchgrave
Countess Christine de Caraman
Joanne de Guardiola
Roberto de Guardiola
Dionne de la Begassiere
Ashton de Peyster
Margo de Peyster
Arthur de Soultrait
Bertrand de Soultrait
Hermé de Wyman Miro
Peggy Dean
Florence DeGeorge
Eleanor Acquavella Dejoux
Morgan Dejoux
Nancy DeMoss
Jacqueline Desmarais
Paul Desmarais
Beth Rudin DeWoody
William Diamond
Peggy Dillard
Rodney Dillard
Lily Holt Dillon
Patrick Dillon
Lou Dobbs
John Dodge
Barry Donahue
Linda Donahue
Simon Doonan
Ann Downey
Cil Draime
Max Draime
Jackie Drake
Rodman Drake
Jackie Duberstein
Kenneth Duberstein
Dr. Eva Dubin
Glenn Dubin
Ervin Duggan
Bill Dunn
Rebecca Dunn
Cedric Dupont
Claude Dupont
Lauren Dupont
Richard Dupont

Diana Ecclestone
Llwyd Ecclestone III
Robert Eigelberger
Frances Eisenberg
Kenneth Eisenberg
Ambassador Edward Elliot Elson
Susie Elson
Geri Emmett
Jay Emmett
Paul Emmett
Cornelia Ercklentz
Enno Ercklentz Jr.
William R. Eubanks

Mary Fairbanks
Annie Falk
Michael Falk
Alex Fanjul
Alfonso Fanjul
Andres Fanjul Jr.
Carissa Fanjul
Cathie Fanjul
Emilia Fanjul
J. Pepe Fanjul
Lourdes Fanjul
Nicholas Fanjul
Pepe Fanjul Jr.
Raysa Fanjul
Reddy Fanjul
Tina Fanjul
Lillian Fernandez
Luis Fernandez
Jon Fiore
Moira Fiore
David Fischer
Jennifer Fischer
Anne Fisher
Frances Fisher
Jeffrey Fisher
Jerome Fisher
Marjorie Fisher
Averell FiskKristen Fisk
Sarah Steinberg Fiszel
Kellie Flagler
Christina Floyd
Kathleen Floyd
Maria Floyd
Raymond Floyd
Kathleen DuRoss Ford
Bunny Forman

Jennifer Garrigues
Linda Gary
Arij Gasiunasen
Sarah Gavlak
Peter Geisler Jr.
Billy Gilbane
Sara Gilbane
Mark Gilbertson
Elesabeth Gillet
David Gilmour
Jill Gilmour
C. Gerald Goldsmith
Suzi Goldsmith
Joanie Goodman
John B. Goodman
Murray Goodman
Arlette Gordon
Cheryl Gowdy
Jane Grace
Robert Grace
Patti Graebner
Larry Graev
Lorna Graev
Ellen Graham
Ian Graham
Blair Griffin
Nina Griscom
Judith M. Grubman
Audrey Gruss
Martin Gruss
Bingo Gubelmann
James Gubelmann
Kate Gubelmann
Phoebe Gubelmann
Shelley Gubelmann
Susan Gubelmann
Cornelia Guest
Helen Guest
Winston Guest Jr.

Patricia Haig
Mary Hale
Betsey Hall
Anita Hamilton
George Hamilton
Ali Hanley
Lee Hanley
Nicole Hanley
Mai Hallingby Harrison
Megan Hearst
Veronica Hearst
Bruce Helander
James Held
Neil Hirsh
Zan Hogan
Vicky Holmes
Jane Holzer
Kelly Matthews Hopkins
Rick Hopkins
Dottie Houdry
Jack Houdry
Alex Hufty-Griswold
Vicky Hunt
Brooke Wendel Huttig

Donald Jackson
Lisa Jackson
Ellen Jaffe
Robert Jaffe
Robert Janjigian
Pat Johnson
Sheila Johnson
Darlene Jordan
Jerry Jordan

Laurance Kaiser
Gayle Kalisman
Michael Kalisman
Hannah Kamin
Marvin Kamin
Richard Kaplan
Kenn Karakul
Jim Kaufman
Frank Keenan
Celerie Kemble
Phoebe Kemble
Martha Jane Kennedy
Howard Kessler
Michele Kessler
Patrick Killian
Stuart Kirwan
Jarrett Kling
Judy Kling
John Kluge Jr.
Bridget Rooney Koch
Dana Koch
David Koch
Jessica Koch
Julia Koch
Paulette Koch
Dr. Ronald Koch
William Koch
Carole Koeppel
Joel Koeppel
Dorothy Kohl
Sidney Kohl
Caroline Koons
Kathleen Koons
Terry Allen Kramer
Jared Kushner

Parker Ladd
David Lambert
Penny Lancaster
Dorothy Lappin
Christopher Larmoyeux
Leigh Larmoyeux
Aerin Lauder
Jane Lauder
Jo Carole Lauder
Karen Lauder
Leonard Lauder
Ronald Lauder
William Lauder
Lilly Leas
Rodman Leas
Harrison LeFrak
Karen LeFrak
Richard LeFrak
Bob Leidy
Christopher Leidy
Robert Leidy Jr.
Gregory Lembo
Petra Levin
Stephen Levin
Eric Levine
Janie Lewis
Sasha Lickle
Elizabeth Lind
Adam Lindemann
Diane Lindemann
Frayda Lindemann
George Lindemann
Bobby Long
Kathryn Long
Helene Lorentzen
John Loring

Benny MacFarland
Carol Mack
Chris Mack
Ambassador Earl Mack
Fred Mack
Phyllis Mack
Richard Mack
Ruth Mack
Tammy Mack
William Mack
Charlie Maddock
Lily Maddock
Mark Magowan
Nina Magowan
Hildegarde Mahoney
Susan Bodnar Malloy
Tim Malloy
Anna Mann
William Mann
HRH Princess Maria Pia of Savoy
Susan Markin
Tiffany Marks
Lana Marks
Martin Marks
Catie Marron
Donald Marron
Cheryl Marshman
Homer Marshman
Trae Marshman
Alyne Massey
Tom Mathieu
Christina Matthews
Robert Matthews
Jack Maxey
Talbott Maxey
Hamish Maxwell
Jim McCann
Michael R. McCarty
Pat McCloskey
Kevin McCluskey
Minnie McCluskey
Eileen McGann
Whitney McGurke
Leroy McMakin
Mimi Maddock McMakin
Angie McNamara
James McNamara
Whitney McQuirk
Amanda Meigher
Christopher Meigher
Elizabeth Meigher
Grace Meigher
Keith Meister
Robert Meister
Todd Meister
Alberto Mejia
Peggy Mejia
Frederick Melhado
Jill Fairchild Melhado
Peter Melhado
Virginia Melhado
Ross Meltzer
Dabney Mercer
Dede Merck
George Merck
Dina Merrill
Marjorie Mesquito
Peter Mettler
Adele Meyer
Denise Meyer
William Meyer
Damon Mezzacappa
Sam Michaels
HRH Prince Michel de Bourbon-Parme
HRH Prince Michel of Yugoslavia
Craig Millard
Michele Millard
Jordann Miller
Sydell Miller
Edward Minskoff
Julie Minskoff
James Mischka
Felix Miranda
Christina Moens
Lawrence Moens
Ambrose Monell
Lili Monell
Mary Montgomery
Danielle Hickox Moore
Dudley Moore Jr.
Peggy Moore
Carlos Morrison
Renée Morrison
Thomas Morrison
Bree Mortimer
Siri Mortimer
Tinsley Mortimer
Topper Mortimer
Tory Mortimer
Nina Morton
William Morton Jr.
Prime Minister Brian Mulroney
Mila Mulroney
Nicolas Mulroney
Christina Murphy

Harold Nectow
Charlene Nederlander
James Nederlander
William T. Newman Jr.
Robert Nichols
Mario Nievera
Dr. Layne Nisenbaum
Fernanda Niven
James Niven
Lee Niven

David Ober
Polly Ober
Simon Offit
Kenneth Ohrstrom
Linda R. Olsson
Polly Onet
Christina Orr-Cahall
Binkie Orthwein
Christopher Orthwein

Blakely Page
Lindsey Page
Princess Pari-Sima Pahlavi
Anka Palitz
Gayle Pallesen
Kit Pannill
William Pannill
Tatiana Papanicolaou
Patrick Park
Howard Parker
Melissa Parker
Joel Pashcow
James Patterson
Patricia Patterson
Susan Patterson
Matthew Peltz
Nelson Peltz
Brian Pfeifler
Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler
Mason Phelps
Christopher Phillips
Ande Phipps
Ashley Phipps
Daisy Phipps
Lilly Phipps
Ogden Phipps
Ogden Mills “Dinny” Phipps
Samantha Phipps
Susan Phipps
John Pickett Jr.
K.C. Pickett
Robin Pickett
John Pickett
Margaret Picotte
Michael Picotte
Leonel Piraino
Pauline Pitt
Jane Pontarelli
Dan Ponton
Lois Pope
Andy Price
John Price
Lilly Pulitzer
Liza Pulitzer
Marina Shields Purcell

Thomas Quick
Oliver “Piper” Quinn

John Racolta
Terry Racolta
Marjorie Gubelmann
Caroline Cummings Rafferty
Nick Rafferty
Cater Randolph
Nancy Raquet
Walter Raquet
John Rau
Katharine Rayner
William Rayner
Paige Rense
Dick Robinson
Sally Robinson
Jackie Rogers
Nancy Ellison Rollnick
William D. Rollnick
Patricia Rooney
Patrick Rooney Jr.
Timothy Rooney
Alex Lind Rose
Louis Rose
Aby Rosen
Dr. Samantha Rosen
Burke Ross
Hilary Geary Ross
Kara Ross
Steve Ross
Wilbur Ross
David Roth
Rena Rowan
Christopher Ruddy
Michael Rudin
Samantha Rudin
Crista Ryan
Tad Ryan

Rose Sachs
Tom Samet
Jorge Sanchez
Serina Sanchez
Edwina Sandys
Missy Savage
Todd Savage
Arnold Scaasi
Frances Scaife
Jennie Scaife
Allen Scherer
Maggie Scherer
Elliot Schnall
John Schuler
Liz Schuler
Amanda Schumacher
Chuck Schumacher
Christine Schwarzman
Stephen Schwarzman
Teddy Schwarzman
Gerald SeayVal Selleck
Stephanie Seymour
Catherine Shaw
James Sheeran
Cornelia Shields
Didi Shields
Olympia Sheilds
Henry Silverman
Nancy Silverman
Nick Simunek
Earl Smith Jr.
Jeffrey W. Smith
Lesly Smith
Tracy Smith
Scott Snyder
Tiffany Spadafora
Monica Spilotro
Victor Spilotro
Andrea Stark
John Stark
Renee Bross Steinberg
Richard Steinberg
Percy Steinhart
Joyce Sterling
Robert Sterling Jr.
Rod Stewart
Lori Stoll
Steven Stolman
Dana Stübgen
Dr. Patrick Stübgen
Dorothy Sullivan
John Sullivan
Ann Summers
Peter Summers

Jean Tailer
Annette Tapert
Alfred Taubman
Judy Taubman
Dominick Telesco
Susan Telesco
Gail Theodoracopulos
Harry Theodoracopulos
John Theodoracopulos
Victoria Thompson
James Tigani
Betsy Titcomb
Jacqueline Togut
Jane Told
William Told Jr.
Tico Torres
Regine Traulsen
Donald Trump
Donald Trump Jr.
Ivanka Trump
Melania Trump
Vanessa Haydon Trump
Nancy Tsai
Betsy Turner
Mary Frances Turner
Wally Turner

Jean van Waveren
Mieke van Waveren
Victor Vargas
Christopher Vecellio
Kathryn Vecellio
Leo Vecellio
Michael Victor
Wendy Victor
Edward Villela

Eric Walden
Elizabeth Walker
Alex Waller
Vera Wang
Emilia Ward
Liz Ward
Jane Warsh
Kevin Warsh
Peter Washkowitz
Fran Webster
Penni Weinberg
Steve Weinberg
Galen Weston
Hillary Weston
Phil Whitacre
Arthur L. Williams Jr.
Eli Wilner
Ken Wise
Diana Strawbridge Wister
William R. Wister Jr.
Maureen Woodward
Orator Woodward
Stephanie Wrightsman
Robert Wyner
Shirley Wyner

Eleanor Ylvisaker
Jane Ylvisaker
Jon Ylvisaker
Jack Young

Starrett Zenko
Eric Zinterhofer
Paula Zukov