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Palm Beach A-List

by AVENUE Magazine Photographed by Stephanie Seymour, Peter Brant
Friday, January 1, 2016

The Most Powerful and Influential People in Palm Beach

photographed by Patrick McMullan and Billy Farrell Agency


Donna and Bill Acquavella

Catherine and Fred Adler

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan

Suzanne and Michael Ainslie

Leon Amar

Bettina Anderson

Inger Anderson

Kent Anderson

Ann-Britt and Christian Angle

Iris Apfel

Marcia and Eugene Applebaum

Jessie and Rand Araskog

Eileen and Bill Araskog

Lian Fanjul Azqueta and

Norberto Azqueta Sr.

Robin and Norberto Azqueta Jr.

Lyanne Azqueta


Mark Badgley and James Mischka

Mary and Kane Baker

Lavinia Baker

Tori Baker and Nick Papanicolaou

Sloan Lindemann Barnett and Roger Barnett

Robert J. Barrett III

Lori and Michael Bernstein

William Bernhard and Catherine Cahill

Tony and Vanessa Beyer

Georgina Bloomberg and Ramiro Quintana

Diana Taylor and Michael Bloomberg

Amanda Strong Boalt

Arriana and Dixon Boardman

Cynthia Boardman

Stephanie Seymour and Peter Brant

Harry Brant

Peter Brant Jr.

Kimmie and Steve Brauer

Frances and Roger Briggs

Ambassador Nancy

Goodman Brinker

Eileen and Brian Burns

Whitney and Eric Bylin


Denise LeFrak and John Calicchio

Lee Calicchio

Liza Pulitzer and Robert Calhoun

Maria Vazquez and Adolfo Cambioso

Whitney and Jonathan Cameron-Hayes

Iris Cantor

Dr. Alexander Carden

Stephanie Carden

Marianne and John Castle

Rhoda and David Chase

Mary Brittain Cheatham

Luce Churchill

Kristy and Jim Clark

Tiffany and George Cloutier

Lisa and James Cohen

Annabelle and Denis Coleman

Kim and Payson Coleman

Stephanie and Chase Coleman

Timothy Coleman

Amy Fine Collins and

Brad Collins

Cristina Condon

Mayor Gail Coniglio and Frank Coniglio

Carissa Fanjul Coniglio and Nick Coniglio

Patricia Cook

Paula and Mark Cook

Howard Cox

Celerie and Boykin Curry

Merrill and Ashton Curtis


Vic Damone

Alexandra Villard and Arnaud de Borchgrave

Countess Christina de Caraman

Eleanor and Morgan Dejoux

Joanne and Roberto de Guardiola

Margo and Ashton de Peyster

Jacqueline Desmarais

Arthur de Soultrait

Bertrand de Soultrait

Beth Rudin DeWoodyand Firooz Zahedi

Dr. Hermé de Wyman Miro

Christina Floyd Di Donna and Emmanuel Di Donna

Peggy and Rodney Dillard

Lore and John Dodge

Linda and Barry Donahue

Shannon Donnelly

Ann Downey

Renate and Alex Dreyfoos

Kimberly DuRoss


Diana Ecclestone and Llwyd Ecclestone III

Susie and Robert Eigelberger

William R. Eubanks


Annie and Michael Falk

Cathie and Andres Fanjul

Emilia and J. Pepe Fanjul

Nico Fanjul

Nikki and Alex Fanjul

Lourdes Fanjul and J. Pepe Fanjul Jr.

Raysa and Alfy Fanjul

Reddy Fanjul

Tina Fanjul

Somers and Jonathan Farkas

Lillian and Luis Fernandez

Nacho and Delfina Figueras

Carole Rohrig and Bill Finneran

Moira and Jon Fiore

Anne and Jerome Fisher

Frances and Jeffrey Fisher

Marjorie Fisher

Kirsten and Averell Fisk

Raymond Floyd

Lydie and Bobby Forbes

Kathleen DuRoss Ford

Sabrina Forsythe

Melanie Charlton and Jordan Fowler


Gay and Stanley Gaines

Christie and Tim Gannon

Jennifer Garrigues

Linda Gary

Mark Gilbertson

Eles Gillet

Jill and David Gilmour

Arlette Gordon

Cheryl Gowdy

Jane and Robert Grace

Patti and Clark Graebner

Lorna Graev and Larry Graev

Ellen and Ian Graham

Mary Kirk and Alex Hufty Griswold

Audrey and Martin Gruss

Kate and Jimmy Gubelmann

Marjorie Gubelmann

Shelly and Billy Gubelmann

Susan Gubelmann

Helen Guest and Winston Guest Jr.


Anne and Matt Hamilton

George Hamilton

Allie and Lee Hanley

Danny and Denise Hanley

Mai Hallingby Harrison

Frances Hayward

James Held and Kenn Karakul

Mary Hilliard

Neil Hirsch

Jane Holzer

Kelly Matthews Hopkins and Rick Hopkins

Jane and Michael Horvitz

Page Lee Hufty

Brooke Wendel Huttig

Consuelo Hutton


Chan and Tony Ittleson


Donald and Lisa Jackson

Eric Javits

Pat Johnson

Sheila Johnson

Darlene and Jerry Jordan


Edwina Sandys and Richard Kaplan

Susan and Jim Keenan

Phoebe Kemble

Randy Kemper and Tony Ingrao

Michele and Howard Kessler

Patrick Killian

Kelly Klein

Judy and Jarrett Kling

Bridget and Bill Koch

Jessica and Dana Koch

Julia and David Koch

Paulette and Dr. Ronald Koch

Wyatt Koch

Carole and Joel Koeppel

Dorothy and Sidney Kohl

Terry Allen Kramer

Marie-Josée and Henry Kravis

Kristen and Charles Krusen

Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner


David Lambert

Leigh and Christopher Larmoyeux

Jo Carole and Ronald Lauder

Karen Lauder

Leonard Lauder

William Lauder

Lilly and Rodman Leas

Robert Leidy Jr.

Petra and Stephen Levin

Millie Dayton and Eric Levine

Cameron Lickle

Michelle Henry and Gary Lickle

Renee and Bill Lickle

Sasha Lickle

Amalia Dayan and

Adam Lindemann

Dr. Frayda and

George Lindemann

John Loring

Karin and Joe Luter


Christina and Benjamin Macfarland III

Carol Mack and Ambassador Earl Mack

Lily and Locke Maddock

Lynn and Jay Maddock

Nina and Mark Magowan

Hillie Mahoney

Susan and Tim Malloy

Anna and William Mann

Nicola and Jeff Marcus

HRH Princess Maria Pia of Savoy

Susan Markin

Catie and Donald Marron

Cheryl and Homer Marshman

John Mashek

Talbott Maxey

Jim McCann

Michael R. McCarty

Pat McCloskey

Minnie and Kevin McCluskey

Bill and Kitty McKnight

Mimi and Leroy McMakin

Kristina Anderson McPherson and Brian McPherson

Amanda Meigher

Elizabeth Meigher

Grace and Christopher Meigher

Peggy and Alberto Mejia

Virginia and Frederick Melhado

Nicole and Matthew Mellon

Ross Meltzer

Dede and Laddie Merck

Dina Merrill and Ted Hartley

Denise and Bill Meyer

Katherine Bryan and

Damon Mezzacappa

Anita and Sam Michaels

Michele and Craig Millard

Muffy and Don Miller

Sydell Miller

Lawrence Moens

Lili and Ambrose Monell

Danielle and Kelly Moore

Peggy Moore and Dudley Moore Jr.

Renee and Carlos Morrison

Thomas Morrison

Siri and Tony Mortimer

Nina and William Morton Jr.

Mila and Prime Minister

Brian Mulroney

Nicolas Mulroney

Laura and Lee Munder

Christina Murphy

Heather Murray

Kelly Murray

Muffie Bancroft and Stephen Murray

Nancy and John Murray

Lucy Musso


David Ober

Polly Ober

Kathy and David Obolensky

Linda R. Olsson

Polly Onet

Binky and Chris Orthwein

Ambassador Mary and Mandell Ourisman


Lindsey and Blakely Page

Anka Palitz

Joel Pashcow

Susan and James Patterson

Joanne and Harold Paull

Tatiana and Thorne Perkin

Frances and Todd Peter

Emilia Fanjul Pfeifler and Brian Pfeifler

Mason Phelps

Ande and Dinny Phipps

Ashley and Ogden Phipps II

Robin and John Pickett

K.C and John Pickett, Jr.

Pauline Pitt and Jerry Seay

Tatiana and Campion Platt

Jane and Joe Pontarelli

Dan Ponton

Lois Pope

Jim Power

Peter and Amy Pulitzer

Marina Shields Purcell and

Tom Purcell


Thomas Quick

Tricia Quick

Sarah Graff and Piper Quinn


Cater Randolph

Katharine and William Rayner

Paige Rense

Starrett and Petter Ringbom

Sally and Dick Robinson

Nic Roldan

Nancy and Bill Rollnick

Patricia Rooney and

Patrick Rooney Jr.

June and Timothy Rooney

Alexandra Lind Rose and

Louis Rose

Dr. Samantha Boardman and Aby Rosen

Hilary and Wilbur Ross

Kara and Steve Ross

Susan and Burke Ross

Janne and Stan Rumbough

Crista and Tad Ryan


Rose Sachs

Nancy and Joe Sambuco

Serena and Jorge Sanchez

Missy and Todd Savage

Arnold Scaasi and Parker Ladd

Frances Scaife

Jennie Scaife

Maggie and Allan Scherer

Liz and John Schuler

Amanda and Chuck Schumacher

Christine and Steve Schwarzman

Teddy Schwarzman

Cornelia Shields

Didi Shields

Olympia Shields

Jeffrey W. Smith

The Hon. Lesly S. Smith

Tania and Earl Smith

Tracy and Matthew Smith

Scott Snyder

Andrea and John Stark

Ashley Stark

Austin Stark

Renee and Richard Steinberg

Percy Steinhart

Sonja and Mark Stevens

Lori Stoll

Steven Stolman

Dana Hammond Stubgen and Dr. Patrick Stubgen

Ann and Peter Summers

Pam and Willie Surtees

Liz and Edward Swenson


Jean Tailer

Annette Tapert

Felicia Taylor

Jack Taylor

Missie and Zach Taylor

Susan and Dominick Telesco

Gail and Harry


Serena Boardman and

John Theodoracopulos

Margaret and John Thornton

Betsy and Rod Titcomb

Jane and William Told Jr.

Regine Traulsen and William Diamond

Eric Trump and Lara Yunaska

Melania and Donald Trump

Vanessa Trump and Donald Trump Jr.

Betsy and Wally Turner


Mieke van Waveren

Christopher Vecellio

Michael Vecellio

Kathryn Vecellio and Leo Vecellio Jr.

Wendy and Michael Victor

Diana and Bob Vila


Jane Lauder and Kevin Warsh

Arthur L. Williams Jr.

Eli Wilner

Maureen and Orator Woodward

Suzie and Bob Wright

Stephanie Wrightsman

Shirley Wyner


Eleanor and Jon Ylvisaker

Jane Ylvisaker


Aerin Lauder and Eric Zinterhofer

Paula Zukov



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The Prince of Chintz has died after a life of loveliness and laughter.

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