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Palm Beach Show Group Cocktails and Kick-off for the New York Art Antique & Jewelry Show

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

This weekend the Palm Beach Show Group had cocktails and festivities at a lavish estate in Watermill, New York to celebrate the kick-off of the New York Art Antique and Jewelry show. Our own Randi Schatz was one of the special guests in attendance at the exquisite soiree; it was a casual and laid back, yet still a refined get together. 

New York Art Antique and Jewelry is just one of ten shows presented by Palm Beach Show Group. Some of the other annual shows are in LA, Chicago, Baltimore and a few other glorious locations around the United States. The Palm Beach Show Group was founded by Scott Diament and Robert Samuels twenty years ago. The company is renowned for bringing extremely diverse international and fine art pieces. Another splendid feature of the company is that you can meet with the different collectors at shows and also buy the designs on year round!

Some of the other attendees at the event were Alley Dalton, Barbara Goodwin, Darrin Pinkman, Lisa Konsker, and Matilda Kristell.



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